Friday, September 30, 2011

TTU FOOTBALL: Martin exceeding predictions

TTU FOOTBALL: Martin exceeding predictions: MARTIN -- Who needs preseason prognostications anyway? As the 2011 Ohio Valley Conference preseason poll was released, UT Martin was projected to finish sixth in the conference, one spot below Ten...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Information Overload Jacksonville State Versus Murray State

The Jacksonville State - Murray State matchup is a big game in all respects. Here is a little background on each team followed by who has the edge in matchups.

Murray State's Season To Date: The Racers season started out with a relatively close loss (9-21) to FBS Louisville. They followed that with two blowout wins over less than formidable opponents, Tennessee State and Mississippi Valley State. The TSU game in particular was impressive, however, with Murray racking up 707 yards of total offense. Then, last Thursday night Murray was shocked by rival UT Martin. Martin jumped on the Racers 28-0 and never looked back. One statistic from that game that may bode well for the Gamecocks-- Murray allowed two UTM rushers to eclipse the 100 yard mark.

Jacksonville State's Season to Date: The Gamecocks opened up with a narrow victory over Martin in a performance that disappointed most fans at the time but looks quite a bit better in hindsight. In the Gamecocks second game, they were soundly defeated by Chattanooga. A disappointing loss, but UTC may end up winning the Southern Conference. The Gamecocks followed the UTC loss with two solid performances against Georgia State and Eastern Illinois, neither of whom are world beaters but both gave JSU closer games last year. While it may have something to do with the quality of opposition, the Gamecocks have looked markedly better on both sides of the ball. On the offensive side in particular, the Gamecocks look better having gained over 400 yards in each of their last two games.

Here's a look at the matchups:

Jacksonville State running game versus Murray's run defense:

The Gamecocks are averaging 176 yards per game on the ground whereas Murray gives up 164.5 rushing yards per game. As mentioned above, Murray struggled mightily stopping the run against Martin. Conversely, JSU's running game appears to be getting better and better as the offensive line improves and Ealey adapts to the Gamecock system. Against EIU, Ealey went for over 150 yards and Middleton only missed eclipsing the century mark by 2 yards. The key for the Gamecocks running attack is to keep pounding the ball and avoid penalties. If they do, Murray, which is more of a finesse team, may not hold up well. Memo to Ealey: Please don't get any personal fouls.

Advantage: Jacksonville State.

Jacksonville State passing game versus Murray's pass defense:

The Gamecocks are a run first team this year particularly after starting quarterback Marques Ivory went down in the first game. However, Ivory's backup Coty Blanchard has proven to be an effective passer completing 62% of his passes. Murray's pass defense has been mediocre. They have given up over 200 yards in the air in 3 of their 4 games, but never over 300 yards. The major problem for Murray, however, is one of their starting corners and his backup are both out with injuries. When an FCS team gets down to their third stringer, it may present problems.

Advantage: Jacksonville State (based on injuries).


This is scary. Against FCS opponents, Murray has thrown for 265, 630 and 240 yards respectively. Murray's passing attack is led by pre-season All OVC QB Casey Brockman. He will likely be missing one of his favorite targets in WR, Pat Robertson, but the Racers have a talented trio of receivers in Hannibal Beauford (19 recpts), Walter Powell (18) and Arthur Brackett (11).

In contrast to the Racers stellar pass offense, the Gamecocks have been very vulnerable to the pass, giving up a whopping 261 yards per game. A lot of these yards have come as a result of blown assignments as the Gamecocks acclimate to a new defensive scheme. Need one more reason to worry about this matchup, last year, Coach Boone was at Martin and UTM gave up 60+ points to the Racers so it may be a bad scheme matchup.

Insider tip: While we favor the Racers in this matchup, watch for Gamecock Defensive End, Monte Lewis to put pressure on Brockman. He was banged up earlier in the year and is now healthy.

Insider tip #2: The Gamecocks may play running back Rashod Byers some at corner against the Racers. Byers can fly and could really add an exciting element to the Gamecock pass defense.

Advantage: Murray State.

Murray State Running Game Versus Jacksonville State Run Defense.

While due respect to Ealey and Middleton, right now the top running back in the OVC is Murray's Mike Harris. Harris has gone for 100+ yards in three of four games this year. TSU, who did not play any other defense against Murray, did hold Harris to 13 yards on seven carries. Murray does not have any other rushers that are much of a threat.

To date, the Gamecock run defense has been only marginally better than their pass defense. However, it must be noted that Ole Miss transfer Jack Jackson missed the first two games of the season and the Gamecocks have gotten much tougher since he was declared eligible. Also, converted safety Keginald Harris has transitioned to linebacker making the Gamecocks a quicker unit.

Advantage: Even.


Murray is likely without kick and punt returner, Pat Robertson. Hopefully, the Gamecocks will give Gabriel Chambers some chances to work his majic. He is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

Murray averages 41.1 yards per punt against the Gamecocks' 35.7 average (Blanchard's average is probably a little low because of the number of times JSU has tried to pin their opponents deep). Murray has blocked two punts and been close on several more. The Gamecocks have one block.

Neither team has tried many field goals, but Murray has Kienan Cullen a Pre-Season All OVC kicker who has made 5 field goals this year. JSU counters with James Esco who is 3 for 3 on the year.



Several intangbiles favor Murray:

*Murray is at home and got two extra days to prepare after playing on a Thursday against UTM. Their crowd may be a little down, however, as Murray is on fall break.

*The Gamecocks have not played well on the road in quite some time dropping games against Tenn. Tech and EKU at the end of last season followed by the UTC loss this season. In particular, the Gamecocks have not played well in the second half on the road since the Ole Miss game last year.

On the other hand:

*The Gamecocks beat UTM who soundly defeated Murray.

*Murray will be missing some key playmakers. The Gamecocks are too, but are now used to playing without Odie Rush and Marques Ivory.

*The Gamecocks may have some confidence against Murray after defeating them last year and having a 7-1 series advantage over the Racers.


Overall, this one looks like it could be a shootout. Since the name of this blog is Gamecock Illustrated (not Racer Illustrated), we will predict JSU 45 - 31.

"Who's on them blogs?"

Not a ton of news out there so thought we'd give you a link to this. This guy is best known for his cats/dogs interview, but this one hit close to home for us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Murray State- JSU Injury Report

Coach Hatcher stated that Murray will be missing, or possibly missing, some key players in Saturday's game against the Gamecocks. The players he mentioned are as follows:

Patrick Robertson, WR, Out. Robertson had started every game for the Racers this year. He was also listed as their #1 kick and punt returner for the Martin game.

Darian Skinner, CB, Out. Skinner had started every game at corner for the Racers this year.

Lamar Hall, CB, Out. Hall was Skinner's backup, but Coach Hatcher indicated he will be out as well.

Javonte Trotter, WR, Questionable. Trotter is not a starter but had put up some big numbers in the Racers first three games.

On the Gamecocks side of the ball:

Jawaan Booker, CB, Questionable. Coach Crowe has been very circumspect on whether he will play. Book is a warrior. We predict he will be on the field.

Also, Middleton and Matt Jones have also appeared banged up from time to time. However, no official word that they are injured.

Of course, the Gamecocks are missing All OVC players Marques Ivory and Odie Rush, but that is well known.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Emergency Plan at Corner

Per the press conference today, CB Jawaan Booker is injured. It is unclear whether he will play against Murray. If he can't play, the Gamecocks will use running back Rashod Byers (#8)on an emergency basis. Byers is a great athlete that has some experience at that position.

Per EIU Coach- Coty Is the Best Athlete in the Conference


Sunday, September 25, 2011

EIU Post Game Observations

Rarely do the Gamecocks make it easy, but 2-0 in conference play is very good. A few post game observations:

New Number, New Name- Same Player: Tight end Justin Howard has apparently changed his name to Justin Hall. Compounding the confusion, he wore #19. Regardless, he had another huge game. The staff continues to find ways to get him wide open.

2nd Week of Great Running: For the second straight week, the Gamecock rushing trio of Middleton, Ealey and Blanchard were dominant on the ground. Ealey let the way wit 155 yards and Middleton only needed 2 more to get 100. The Gamecocks keep pounding the ball and eventually break the will of the opposition.

What is the NCAA Record for Personal Fouls? Whatever it is, Ealey may break it. It seemed like he had at least two last night and he was known to get a few at Georgia. Ealey plays with great effort, but if he could just channel that emotion it would be even better.

Marquis George Gets Recognized: All year long, DE Marquis George has been making plays. It was great to see that effort recognized last night with a start.

Texas Gets The Crowd Fired Up: Late in the game, EIU took over at midfield with a chance to tie. Rodney "Big Texas" Garrott got the whole crowd fired up. Best of all, the defense responded with a dominating 3 and out.

Defense Getting Better: Each week, it seems like the Gamecock defense is slowly getting better. If they could figure out a way to eliminate those early scoring drives by the other team, it would be great. After that, though the Gamecocks really bowed up only giving up two more scores. One came on a short field after the Gamecocks fumbled on the 14. The other appeared to be the result of a blown coverage by the very talented freshman, Pierre Warren.

Bad News: Apparently, Mike Parris announced that pre-season All OVC tackle, Odie Rush is out for the year. Rush will redshirt and be back next year.

Turn Country loose: Gabriel Chambers may be the most electrifying kick returner in the OVC. He had two more great returns (one negated by a penalty). This guy is dangerous every time he touches the ball.

Francis Duncan- Hitter. An unheralded member of the Gamecock secondary is #38, Francis Duncan. That may not last long. He really hits people.

Big Game Next Week: Despite Murray's loss to UTM, the Gamecocks face a huge challenge at Murray next week. It is the ultimate contrast in styles, the Gamecocks play smash mouth football. Murray is more akin to flag football, but they can put some #s up.

Football Recaps - Sept. 24 -—Official Web Site of the Ohio Valley Conference

Major Upset in the OVC - Peay Beats EKU.

Football is a hard game to figure out. EKU had Kansas State beat in week 1. That same Kansas State team defeated Miami yesterday. EKU in turn lost to Austin Peay who had not shown much life this year.

Football Recaps - Sept. 24 -—Official Web Site of the Ohio Valley Conference

JSU ‘D’ f inally arrives

JSU ‘D’ f inally arrives: Critical stops gives Gamecocks win over EIU

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gamecock Soccer Undefeated . . .

in conference play. Congrats to the Gamecocks soccer team for getting a big win on the ROAD in thei conference opener against SIUE. Keep it going.

Jacksonville State University - Gamecocks Blank SIUE In OVC Opener, 1-0

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Column: Play or not to play? - Sports

Column: Play or not to play? - Sports

JSU’s Crowe finds similarities in pastime, job

JSU’s Crowe finds similarities in pastime, job: Most people look out across at a football field and simply see a wide expanse of green grass. Jack Crowe sees a chess board.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EIU's Beat Writer With a Good OVC Story


Crowe Quotes on Jack Jackson

*From the OVC teleconference:

"He's agile, mobile and . . . hostile."

"He's the most talented kid we've ever had at linebacker."

Meet the Gamecocks: Clarence Jackson

Meet the Gamecocks: Clarence Jackson: Clarence Jackson was at the Ole Miss-Jacksonville State game last year, but standing on the wrong sideline. He watched as his then team, Ole Miss, went down in defeat to the Gamecocks.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Eastern Stories


Ricks Is Questionable

EIU's best player is receiver Lorence Ricks. He is listed as questionable for the Panthers contest against the Gamecocks.


Article On JSU Punter Jake Scott

The Post Online - Ivory's bad luck may be a break for Jake Scott - Jacksonville State football

Big Game This Thursday In the OVC

Murray State and UT Martin meet up with each other this Thursday night in a key OVC matchup. So far, Murray has looked very good. They destroyed Tennessee State and played respectably in a loss to Louisville. Martin lost narrowly to the Gamecocks and defeated a small college.

A Murray win moves them to 2-0 in the conference and all but eliminates UTM from conference title hopes. A Murray loss would put a serious damper on their title hopes with tough games remaining against Jacksonville State, Tennessee Tech and Eastern Kentucky and inject UTM back into the title mix.

An interesting side note. Murray State fans have claimed that the game was originally scheduled on a Thursday with the understanding that both teams would be working on four days rest. Allegedly, Martin then went out and moved their Union College game up to give them extra time to prepare. Things might get a little feisty on Thursday night.

Eastern Illinois University - EIU Faces Road Test At Jacksonville State

Eastern Illinois University - EIU Faces Road Test At Jacksonville State

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post Georgia State Observations

*A Happy Crowe: Coach Crowe loves to run the football and control the game with the run. The Gamecocks ran it 58 times on Saturday with three separate players getting over 10 carries.

*Mr. All Purpose: The holes have not been big for the Gamecocks running attack this year, but when Ealey gets in the open field he is punishing and dangerous. On Saturday, he had over 80 yards rushing, but also had over 70 yards receiving. His best play, however, may have been a complete and utter demolition of a Georgia State defender on a block that freed Coty up for a score. A Gamecock insider said that when Ealey first arrived his blocking was far ahead of his running.

*AJ runs em' down: Despite a somewhat disappointing overall start this year, special teams have been pretty good. The Gamecocks did let Georgia State break a long kickoff return, but it was great to see Awesome Jet Davis close the gap on the returner.

*Free Country: Shaw and Bonner are great return men, but after his performance against Martin what does Gabriel "Country" Chambers have to do to get a shot as the kickoff return man.

*Jackson and Johnson (not the presidents, the linebackers): It did not take Jack Jackson long to make his impact felt, getting a tackle on the opening kickoff, returning a blocked punt for a touchdown and leading the team in tackles. It was also great to see linebacker Nick Johnson, a starter who has missed time because of injury, back out there. Johnson was second on the team in tackles. Indeed, there were new linebackers everywhere with pre-season All OVC safety Keginald Harris getting his first start of the season -- at linebacker. The teams that will threaten JSU in the OVC this year do not pound the ball. Using Harris, even though he might be undersized at linebacker, makes the whole team faster.

*The Butcher Block: Every time he is in the game, Defensive Tackle Barry "the Butcher" Stafford (they call him the butcher because he used to work as a meat cutter) just makes plays. This time the Butcher blocked a Georgia State punt from a short formation which led to the Jack Jackson touchdown.

*Colt Kennedy Comes out Firing: Things were looking scary when Matt Jones appeared hobbled with an injury after the first half. However, Colt Kennedy, from Douglas, Georgia started the second half and the Gamecocks never looked back. When asked about the big holes in the second half, a Gamecock coach said that's what happens when you keep pounding the ball.

*They were only freshmen: There are a lot of freshmen and new players working in to regular rotations. This should bode well for the Gamecocks as the season progresses as true depth is built. Among the true or redshirt freshman making significant contributrions are WR Country Chambers, RB Rashod Byers, RB Coot James, Safety Jamaal Johnson, DT Caleb Lawrence, and CB Denzell Bynum. When you add in other "new" players like Ealey, Jack Jackson, Tarik Milner, Jerry Slota, Jeremy Nicholson, Tanner Robinson all making an impact, things are hopefully looking up for the Gamecocks.

*New Look Gamecocks: The Gamecocks showed a lot of new looks this weekend. Several times the Gamecocks came out with Calvin Middleton, Ealey and Coot lined up right next to each other. Also, Letson and company seemed to show some new wrinkles on some option plays which emphasized Blanchard's dual threat capabilities.

A Look Ahead to Next Week's Opponent

Eastern Illinois University - EIU Rally Falls Short Against Tennessee Tech

Same issues plague Georgia State in loss  |

Same issues plague Georgia State in loss  |

Georgia State-Jacksonville State notebook  |

Some information on the game from a Georgia State perspective

Georgia State-Jacksonville State notebook  |

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Washaun Ealey and Dexter Moody

More coverage leading up to the Ga State - Jax State game in the here.

Here Comes the Headhunter

Jack Jackson is eligible to play this Saturday. Its been a long path for Jackson to get a chance to suit it up for the Gamecocks. I'm reminded of the words which I will paraphrase to an old Kenny Rogers' song: "twenty years of rage, was bottled up inside him!" Lets hope Jackson takes out his frustration on the Panthers.

Tuesday morning links

Gamecocks football practice to change - click here

Gamecocks prepare for Ga State - click here

Ga State practice notes - click here

Georgia State's Center Is Out

The AJC reports that Georgia State's starting center will not play on Saturday. Hopefully, Dimetrio Tyson and company will take full advantage of the situation.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Link to In Depth Recap of Georgia State's Loss Last Weekend

Hopefully, Help Is On the Way

GI was told before this game that UTC might be the best team the Gamecocks played this year. It sure looked like it. The way Coleman executed which opened up other parts of the game for them reminds one of how the Gamecocks executed when we had Perrilloux.

JSU should get a decision on whether Ole Miss transfer Jack Jackson will be eligible this week. If he is eligible, his lateral speed should help.

Likewise, the original diagnosis on preseason All-OVC tackle, Odie Russ was that he would be back by mid-season. Hopefully, he is improving. The Gamecocks have some good running backs, but they need a little more room to run.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chattanooga vs. Jacksonville St. Preview |

Chattanooga vs. Jacksonville St. Preview |

Quote of the Day from Ealey

From an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

"This is a different environment than UGA ... but I'm adjusting to it pretty well," Ealey said. "Everybody puts their pants on the same way, and I don't think I'm better than anybody else because I come from an SEC school."

That's an attitude that will win some championships. Man, if the offensive line can continue its improvement from the second half against Martin, Ealey, Coot, Calvin and Rashod could have a big night.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perrilloux on Giants Practice Squad

Congrats to Ryan Perrilloux for making the New York Giants practice squad. As previously reported, TJ Heath made the Jaguars practice squad.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Links from Chattanooga

Chattanooga newspaper article: Mocs prepare for Coty Blanchard

Linebackers a strength for UTC - click here

Recap of OVC Foe Tn. Tech's Performance Against Iowa

FAST BREAK: Performance at Iowa a good sign for Tech: After soaking in (pun not intended) Tennessee Tech football's season-opening 34-7 loss at Iowa, I'm feeling pretty good about the Tennessee Tech football team. No matter who it came against on the...

Cubs’ Heath retained, ready to refine skills in NFL

Cubs’ Heath retained, ready to refine skills in NFL: T.J. Heath saw “The Turk” visit a lot of players while he was in Jacksonville Jaguars’ camp this summer, but the reaper who knocks on doors and tells NFL hopefuls, “Coach wants to see you — and bri...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

JSU Postgame vs. UT Martin (9/1/11)

No holiday rest for Gamecocks

No holiday rest for Gamecocks: JACKSONVILLE — Once the season starts, Mondays are typically off-the-field academic days for the Jacksonville State football team, but on this Labor Day, the Gamecocks were, well, laboring.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chambers and Other Bright Spots From the Martin Game

Here are a few bright spots from the Martin game:

*Gabriel Chambers. Making his much anticipated debut, Chambers had kick returns of 42, 24 and 38 yards. He was one broken tackle away from taking at least one of those for a touchdown.

*Rashad Smith. Smith, a linebacker from Florida, must play a more prominent role for the Gamecocks. He had a good start Thursday with nine tackles.

*Texas Garrott and Marquis George. These two defensive ends made several solo tackles and tackles for loss.

*JSU's second half offense. After doing nothing for most of the game, the Gamecocks had three straight 50 yard plus drives. Perhaps that indicates that the offensive line was meshing together late in the game.

*Conversely, after allowing UTM a td to open the second half, the Gamecock defense held the Skyhawks to two field goals on their next seven possessions. Most of those possessions were relatively short. The Gamecocks gave some yards up on the last drive, but presumably were attempting to make UTM burn clock.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

If There Was A Line, UTC Would Be Favored

The UTC Mocs may be JSU's biggest competition this year. If there was a line, I believe they would be a 7 point favorite. They did a lot of good things against a very good Nebraska team.

The Gamecocks defensive line needs to match the hype, the offensive line must play way better than they did against Martin and the secondary must fix the missed assignments. It will probably take a near perfect game by JSU to win.

Big plays push Nebraska past Mocs |

WAITING GAME: Gamecocks’ LB Jackson still not cleared by NCAA

WAITING GAME: Gamecocks’ LB Jackson still not cleared by NCAA: JACKSONVILLE — It sounds simple, but whether linebacker Clarence Jackson gets to play a down for Jacksonville State anytime soon remains a matter of interpretation. The question is whose interpret...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

JSU quarterback Ivory has season-ending surgery

JSU quarterback Ivory has season-ending surgery: JACKSONVILLE — Losing a veteran starting quarterback the way Jacksonville State did in its season opener Thursday night can be devastating to a season, but the head coach and offensive coordinator ...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Offensive Line- What Was Our Expectation?

We all wanted to win 49-0 last night, but the folks here at will take a win anytime we can get it. By the way, it says here that at the end of the season UTM will be in the top 1/3 of the OVC standings.

In any event, before we jump off a bridge because things weren't as pretty as we hoped, consider this:

Left Tackle, Tarik Milner - starting his first college game;
Left Guard, Matt Jones- had not played a game in over a year because of injury;
Center, Max Holcombe- starting his first college game;
Right Guard, Michael- "Big Spank Dogg" Ellis- played defensive line last year;
Right Tackle, T. Mobley- the only guy that has played a ton uninterrupted by injury.

The Gamecocks have talent on the offensive line. It may just take a little while to get it back. The good news is that by the time we get back in the conference schedule, Odie Rush a heck of a tackle may be ready to return.

Answers to the 12 Pre-Game Questions

In no particular order, here are 12 questions we will answer tomorrow.

1) Are the Gamecocks as good as we think they are?

Based on the performance last night, they are not. The defense in general was anything but dominant. Numerous blown coverages, apparently by the safetys. No sacks by All American Monte Lewis. Big Texas was very active, particularly in the first half. Also, kudos to the defense for holding UTM after one of the Gamecocks wasn't paying attention and got hit with a punt at the 3.

2) Is Washaun Ealey going to dominate the OVC?

No, particulary not if our offensive line does not come together. Ealey ran hard and appeared to get better as the game progressed. Beautiful pass and catch on the TD from Blanchard. Also, Ealey has got to stop getting into it with the other team after about 1/2 of the plays. It will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at least once this year.

3) Is DeMarcus a/k/a Coot, a/k/a Heavy D James as good as the hype?

He would have to carry the ball to make this determination, but he appeared to make some good blocks as the lead back on several plays.

4) Will Rashod Byers break a long one?

He would have to carry the ball to make this determination, but I think he had one good run when I went to the bathroom.

5) Will the lighter Marques Ivory be more of a playmaker?

Devastating injury to a great guy and great player. I hope Ivory can take a redshirt and be back next year.

6) Can Coty match his game one heroics from last year?

Awesome game by Blanchard, although he got careless with the ball once or twice. He was playing with a bum ankle and still dominated the game late.

7) Is the revamped offensive line going to perform?

It looked ugly at first, but Coty said the line was starting to dominate as the game progressed.

8) Is Alan Bonner ready to be a full time starter at wide receiver?

Bonner has great potential, but he did not appear to impact the game last night.

9) Will Trey Smith follow up his dominant performance in the Spring Game with a good performance in a real game?

T. Smith had a couple of catches and one drop. He can really be a weapon as the year progresses.

10) Is Head Hunter Jack Jackson going to show out at linebacker?

Jackson was declared ineligible the day of the game. How the heck did this happen? Coach Crowe commented that his replacement, Endress, was battling turf toe. One player does not mean everything, but having Jackson's speed out there would have been a great cure for some of the things UTM was doing.

11) Our defensive line is getting a massive amount of hype. Will their play match the hype?

Bottom line, they did not live up to the pre-season hype. There is still a lot of football left to play.

12) Most intriguing player- Jerry Slota. Will he make an impact?

Never saw Slota on offense, so he did not make an impact on this game.

UT Martin - Post Game Quotes

Blanchard on the comeback:

"UT-Martin's d-line starting getting tired and our offensive line was dominating the line of scrimmage," Blanchard said. "They stepped it up a notch."

Crowe on Jack Jackson being ruled ineligible the day of the game:

"That sort of started the day," said Crowe, who will appeal the waiver next week. "He had really been as dynamic as anybody on defense."

Ealey on the slow start:

"First-game jitters," Ealey shrugged. "We didn't expect them to be as good as they were. They came out and beat us for a whole half."

Ealey on the TD pass from Blanchard:

"Coty threw a great ball," said Ealey, who in one pass play surpassed his entire rushing total (41 yards on 13 carries). "All I had to do was concentrate."

UTM coach Jason Simpson on the loss:

"I am surprised we lost this game,” Simpson said. “Jacksonville State is a good football team, but so are we.”

Jacksonville State University - Gamecocks Rally in Closing Minute for 24-23 Win in OVC Opener

Jacksonville State University - Gamecocks Rally in Closing Minute for 24-23 Win in OVC Opener

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tweet of the Day

From former Gamecock,Kevin Dix: "I might not know much, but I do know one thing. My boys going in for the kill at 6:00 p.m."

TTU FOOTBALL: Iowa not looking past Tech

TTU FOOTBALL: Iowa not looking past Tech: IOWA CITY, Iowa -- When Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz spoke during his weekly press conference on Tuesday, he certainly wasn't taking this weekend's opener against Tennessee Tech lightly.

A Dozen Questions We Will Answer Tomorrow.

In no particular order, here are 12 questions we will answer tomorrow.

1) Are the Gamecocks as good as we think they are?

2) Is Washaun Ealey going to dominate the OVC?

3) Is DeMarcus a/k/a Coot, a/k/a Heavy D James as good as the hype?

4) Will Rashod Byers break a long one?

5) Will the lighter Marques Ivory be more of a playmaker?

6) Can Coty match his game one heroics from last year?

7) Is the revamped offensive line going to perform?

8) Is Alan Bonner ready to be a full time starter at wide receiver?

9) Will Trey Smith follow up his dominant performance in the Spring Game with a good performance in a real game?

10) Is Head Hunter Jack Jackson going to show out at linebacker?

11) Our defensive line is getting a massive amount of hype. Will their play match the hype?

12) Most intriguing player- Jerry Slota. Will he make an impact?

JSU's Four Forcemen

JSU's Four Forcemen: What’s in a name? In sports, it’s defining. Every great defensive line of its generation has had a nickname that’s made them instantly recognizable.