Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mocs Roll to 28-10 Win at No. 11 The Citadel

Pretty impressive win by a team that the Gamecocks beat.

Mocs Roll to 28-10 Win at No. 11 The Citadel

Watson Brown: "We are in disarray right now."

@White=[C] Murray mauls Tech: @White=[C] By THOMAS CORHERN MURRAY, Ky. — The injuries took a bigger toll than any one probably expected for the Tennessee Tech football team. Casey Brockman, Walter Powell, Duane Brady and... - Football Recaps - September 29 - Football Recaps - September 29

Friday, September 28, 2012

JSU Video - The SEMO Game

SEMOball previews the game

click here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

JSU Tennis Preview

Article on SEMO's Safety

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Gamecocks hopes to limit turnovers against Division I-leading Redhawks

Gamecocks hopes to limit turnovers against Division I-leading Redhawks: The last thing a team coming off four turnovers needs is a game with an opponent that’s leading the nation in takeaways. But that’s exactly what Jacksonville State faces Saturday looking to stay in...

JSU freshman Jermaine Hough to get his 1st start at corner this week

JSU freshman Jermaine Hough to get his 1st start at corner this week: Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play. The pop-tune line is coming true for a young JSU cornerback

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trivia Question

In 2010, Eastern Kentucky went 6-2 in the conference and put up the following point totals: 7, 35, 21, 28, 49, 42 and 17.

Question:  Who was the defensive coordinator of the team that held EKU to seven points?

Answer:   Chris Boone.

Luke Smith Gets On the Board

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gamecock Chatter With Dimetrio Tyson

Country Does It Again

Perhaps overlooked as a result of the loss was Gabriel Chambers having another huge return.  He gave the Gamecocks a real chance to change the momentum bringing an EKU kick back to the 20.  Unfortunately, we were not able to turn it into points.   In any event, that's three games and two big returns for Chambers.   He should be All Conference if he stays at it.

Anatomy of a Problem

The 2012 Gamecocks' biggest weakness appears to be depth on the defensive line.  Yesterday, Coach Crowe announced that virtually every line spot other than Dimetrio Tyson would be up for competition.  While we may have been looking with rose colored glasses, it should have been apparent that there was a potential for problems on the defensive front when JSU went into Arkansas with a former quarterback starting at defensive end, a converted offensive lineman as the backup defensive tackle and a converted tight end on the two deep.

The current lack of depth appears to be the result of: 1) not signing many defensive linemen in 2009 and 2010; 2) attrition; and 3) untimely injuries and/or suspensions.  A review of JSU's online media guides and other sources shows the following defensive line signees/additions by year:


David Maness (a highly regarded player who never played significant time and appears to be off of the team)
Denzell Cheeks (converted to tight end)
Torrey Davis (transfer, only played one year)


Mike Lewis (now at Valdosta State)
Armani Williams (we believe he is now at Delta State)
Erik Bailey (may have been a walk-on. No longer on the roster)
Tim McGee (transfer, only played one year)
Barry Stafford (came to the program late, but is #2 on the depth chart)
Bryant Hawkins (played some in 2011, but left the program)
Marquis George (juco transfer out of eligibility)


Caleb Lawrence (current starter)
Adam Wright (currently #2 on the depth chart)
Martez House (current co-starter)
Jakari Kinnie (no longer on the team)

Ked Wolfe (apparently redshirting)
Cody Sanfratello (walk on transfer from South Florida)
Omari Jones (transfer from Georgia Southern and JUCO that has to sit out this year)

PROBLEM #1 - 2009 AND 2010.

Much like running a vineyard, your current product is the fruit of your labor years ago.  Looking at the above information, it is easy to see where the problem lies.  Of all of the incoming defensive lineman for 2009 and 2010 (the guys that would be juniors and seniors now), the only one left is Barry Stafford, currently working as a reserve.  Note-  Dimetrio Tyson, the undisputed leader of the defensive line, came in in 2008 and redshirted.

In contrast, the Gamecocks appeared to go 3 for 4 in recruiting defensive lineman in 2011. Lawrence is a starter and Watson and Wright are playing meaningful snaps.  The only loss from that class was Kinnie, a 3 Star Recruit from Gadsden that switched to JSU from Georgia State on signing day.  Not sure why he is no longer on the roster.

PROBLEM #2- Lack of Eligibility of Two Key Players.

The Gamecocks brought in two JUCO transfers, Ked Wolfe and Omari Jones, who might be good enough to be starters this year.  Unfortunately, neither is eligible to play this year.  The loss of Wolfe is particuarly devastating as he was brought in specifically to replace Texas Garrott.

PROBLEM #3- Near Misses.

The Gamecocks narrowly missed on three players in 2012, all of whom would have materially contributed this year.  Derrick Lott, a four star transfer from Georgia, wanted to come to Jacksonville State, but academic hurdles made it impossibile.  Lucas Melo, a three star JUCO defensive lineman, committed to JSU, but then signed with South Alabama.  Finally, the Gamecocks had a verbal commitment from a three star Mississippi product, who ended up signing with Cal.   There are others as well.


The problems on the defensive line appear to be short term.  Everyone returns from the current roster except Tyson and Mike Whittier.  Young players like Jordan Jackson and Sean Watson appear to be progressing.  Presumably, Wolfe and Omari Jones will be available next year.  Hopefully, however, the Gamecocks can right the ship this year and get back to playing Red Bandit defense.

Moving On: Gamecocks hope to put blowout loss to EKU behind them

Moving On: Gamecocks hope to put blowout loss to EKU behind them: It's easy to keep going when things are going good. The tough thing is to reach down and carry on when a result was something less than good. There was no bigger stinker than the 51-21 egg Jacksonv...

Gamecocks looking for a spark on defense

Gamecocks looking for a spark on defense: Even as Jacksonville State’s national rankings continue to slide, coach Jack Crowe remains committed to the approach the Gamecocks are taking to playing defense. There is, however, the chance for ...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tennessee Tech Is Really Banged Up

JSU Gets Basketball Commit

link here.

Looking For A Pony

The cold reality that our defense is probably not good enough to compete for a title this year is staring me right in the face.  Nevertheless, in an attempt to be optimistic, here are a few silver linings:

*Saw that Martez House played on Saturday. House was listed as a co-starter coming out of summer camp and suffered a freak foot injury.  That injury necessitated Adam Wright moving from offense to defense.

*Leaving everything else aside, if someone would have told me the Gamecocks were going to turn it over four times, including a pick six, on Saturday I would have known we were going to lose.  If the offense stays on the field, it helps the defense.

*EKU was something like 7 out of 11 on third downs.  If JSU can improve on this stat, and that's a big if, we might have a chance.

*While it appears the Gamecocs bring out the best in opposing offenses, EKU is probably more talented than any other OVC team on that side of the ball.   In pre-season we wrote about the fact that they have four pro prospects- two offensive tackles, Denham and Tyrone Goard.

*Lets stay behind the team and get after SEMO this weekend.

Gamecock Links

This article details incredible receiving performances by Eric Lora at EIU and Da'Rick Rogers at Tennessee Tech.  click here.

I am even more worried about our defense after reading this, UTC's offense was ineffective against Appalachian State after scorching the Gamecocks for almost 500 yards.

No link, but A-Star twitter indicates Jerry Slota is banged up, but will probably play this weekend. Also, Pope is likely out a couple of weeks with a knee strain.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEMO's Incredible Win Over T-Tech

Story here.

In Other News . . .

D. Rogers catches 18 passes for 303 yards in T. Tech's overtime loss to SEMO.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Harris Joins the Gamecocks' Bball Staff

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Mr. Versatility: JSU's Bonner capable of making an impact in many ways

Mr. Versatility: JSU's Bonner capable of making an impact in many ways: Jacksonville State's Alan Bonner has grown into a role for the Gamecocks that may not be accurately described by the title

Smith rounding up opposing ball carriers in well-cast web

Smith rounding up opposing ball carriers in well-cast web: Rashad Smith isn’t a superhero in real life, but he does play one on the football field.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

JSU Highlight Video Week 4

5 Burning Questions About the EKU Game.

1) Will revenge be a big factor?  Probably not.  In 2010, JSU blew a huge lead to Tennessee Tech.  The Gamecocks were unable to use the revenge factor to get a win over TTU in 2011.  The bottom line is emotion only goes so far and the best team will usually win the game.

2)  Can the Gamecocks stop the deep ball?  No one burns JSU deep the way EKU does (okay, maybe Arkansas). In each of the last two games, EKU has had 4 completions of 20 yards or more including multiple 40+ yard receptions.  There is little reason to think the outcome will be different this year.  The Colonels have an All American receiver in Tryone Goard and also return Cameron Bailey both of whom had over 100 receiving yards against JSU in the 2011 game.  While it was against an FCS team with a great quarterback, the Gamecocks were unsuccessful stopping the pass against Arkansas.

3)  Is Washaun Ealey ready to explode?   All reports out of summer camp were that Ealey was in amazing shape and was poised to continue the dominance he showed beginning midway in to the 2011 campaign.  Unfortunately, Ealey was injured early in the  Arkansas game and was suspended for Chattanooga.  GI predicts that Ealey will go for over 200 yards against EKU behind an improved offensive line.  The biggest thing holding Ealey back may be lack of carries given the emergence of Coot James and Buster Pope.

4)  Can the Gamecocks stop Matt Denham?   Last year, EKU wonderback Matt Denham burned the Gamecocks for 214 yards.  Denham has been tough this year going for over 100 yards against Morehead State (a non-scholarship team) and Coastal Carolina. The Colonels have two all conference tackles, but suffered a serious loss on their offensive line when center OJ Enasobi was apparently declared academically ineligible and they also apparently loss their starting tight end.  This attrition aside, stopping Denham will be a monumental challenge for the Gamecocks.

5) Will the horseshoe fall out of EKU's hat?  Last year, EKU finished +15 in turnover margin.  While they certainly deserve credit for creating turnovers, this stat tends to even out over time.  Last year against JSU, EKU got a pick in the endzone that saved seven points, recovered two onsides kicks, returned a fumble 60+ yards for a touchdown and stopped JSU on the 1 yard line at the end of the game.   If JSU can win the turnover battle this year, it should win the game.

JSU Football Blog Previews EKU

click here.

2 QBs, Part II: Jax State, EKU follow similar plan

2 QBs, Part II: Jax State, EKU follow similar plan: Jacksonville State has been alternating fifth-year senior Marques Ivory and junior Coty Blanchard all season — sometimes within the same set of downs — and Eastern Kentucky is aspiring to do the sa...

Jacksonville State, Eastern Kentucky clash in showdown of OVC powers

Jacksonville State, Eastern Kentucky clash in showdown of OVC powers

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Link to OVC Coaches' Interviews - OVC Football Previews - Week 4

Gamecock Chatter With Alan Bonner

G-Times Article On EKU Preparation

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Gamecocks looking to put last season’s loss to EKU behind them

Gamecocks looking to put last season’s loss to EKU behind them: Nine months ago Jacksonville State suffered one of the biggest fourth-quarter collapses in all of college football and it has haunted its players from the moment the JSU Stadium clock hit all zeroes.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gamecocks sticking to their guns with dual quarterback system

Gamecocks sticking to their guns with dual quarterback system: There’s a saying Jack Crowe likes to quote from his days as an Auburn assistant that holds if you’ve got two quarterbacks in your football plan you don’t have one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reader Poll- Are You Pulling For EKU To Win Or Lose This Week and Why?

Gamecock Players Talk About The Bye Week

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JSU kicker goes from walk-on to walk-off

JSU kicker goes from walk-on to walk-off: Griffin Thomas toiled as an active walk-on in his first two seasons at Jacksonville State, but Saturday night he got to experience the ultimate kicker’s high — for the first time in his life.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coach Watts' Has A Vision

click here.

How Coot Got His Name.

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JSU v. UTC Video Hilights

click here. Thanks to JSU Parent for the information.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

T. Tech Headed to Oregon

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"We knew . . . they were really good on offense."

UTC's Coach on the Jacksonville State offense:

"It was not shocking but a little frustrating. We knew coming in that they were really good on offense. They moved the ball up and down the field on Arkansas, and they had a great scheme. Both of their quarterbacks are good. They're different, but they both make plays. The freshman tailback ran for 85 yards against Arkansas. We knew they were good, but I thought we could have played better. We gave up 20 points on defense. While a lot of places would take that and feel really good about it, we don't. Our guys were a little embarrassed about how they played, and they'll play better this week."

Source:  UTC athletics website.

No Down Time: Gamecocks preparing for EKU during off week

No Down Time: Gamecocks preparing for EKU during off week: The Gamecocks are coming off a dramatic 27-24 win over UT Chattanooga that kept them ranked 24th. After an open week, they'll face No. 20 Eastern Kentucky, the OVC favorite, in their conference ope...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gamecock Chatter With Coty and Ques

OVC Power Rankings

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Quote of the Year By Spiderman Smith

The full interview is here but the quote of the year so far is from Rashad "Spiderman" Smith:

When I go out there I go out with the mentality that I hate everybody on the other side of the ball . . . I tell everybody bring contact and play fierce and don't give up no matter what the score is . . . When I am playing the game I don't pay attention to the score as much . . . . I just try to hit people constantly and I try to stress that to everybody on the defense.  The reason I play football is I like to see the person on the other side of the ball lose their pride and the confidence they have.

JSU Football Blog Reviews the UTC Win

click here.

1 Second Left - the Non-Controversy

Some Mocs fans claim they were homered by OVC refs that ruled that there was one second left when Coot James went down in the fourth quarter.  Even Coach Huesmann made some comment like you expect those calls on the road (or something to that effect).  Of course, there was no mention of the Gamecocks being called for seven penalties and the Mocs none. 

But, as the title suggests- there is no controversy. Here is what MocsFan2 had to say on the UTC message board:

"Two - The "Timeout Play". Runner was down with two seconds left and there is a JSU player clearly calling timeout with one second left. If that were to be reviewable they would get the timeout." 


OVC Ball Analyzes Murray's Loss

One of JSU's big rivals in the OVC is Murray State. They are off to a disappointing 0-2 start, losing to UCA after getting pounded by Florida State.  click here.

Great Story About Gamecock Golfer Tomasz Anderson

click here.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chattanooga Articles

Click here.

Times-Free Press here.

UTC Post-Game Quotes

Gamecocks boot Mocs on last-second FG

Gamecocks boot Mocs on last-second FG: From the moment he walked into his team’s home opener Saturday night, Jack Crowe had no problem with the game going into overtime. Griffin Thomas had other ideas.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Gamecock Blog! Looks like this will be an excellent site.

Let It Roll - Flo Rida - Cocky Mascot Tribute

Pope's role just got a bit bigger

Pope's role just got a bit bigger: Ealey suspension opens door to more playing time for Anniston product

Friday, September 7, 2012

JSU Football Blog Previews the UTC Game

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Tweet of the Day

From Coach Crowe:  "This game represents a significant evaluation to what we are as a football team.FYI Washaun passed a drug test.Just got down to bad company."

JSU vs UTC week 2

MacInnes gets 1st taste of big-time football

MacInnes gets 1st taste of big-time football: It was about two hours before kickoff in the most ambitious season opener in program history and the Jacksonville State players were milling about the field to get comfortable with the place. For o...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jacksonville State University - JSU Suspends Washaun Ealey for Home Opener

Jacksonville State University - JSU Suspends Washaun Ealey for Home Opener - OVC Football Previews - Week 2 - OVC Football Previews - Week 2

The Leaf Chronicle Reviews OVC Week 1

JSU couldn’t bring home the bacon

JSU couldn’t bring home the bacon: FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The Jacksonville State football team put an early scare into 10th ranked Arkansas and its 71,062 fans on Saturday night, but the high-octane Razorbacks handed the Gamecocks a 4...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mocs' quarterback Terrell Robinson leaves the team - | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Link courtesy of JaxSigEp.

Mocs' quarterback Terrell Robinson leaves the team - | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Jacksonville State University - GAMECOCK CHATTER with Hamish MacInnes

Jacksonville State University - GAMECOCK CHATTER with Hamish MacInnes

UTC Will Go With Hot Hand At QB

click here.

JSU’s game with Mocs may be season’s most important

JSU’s game with Mocs may be season’s most important: It might be only the second week of the season but in many ways Saturday’s home opener against Chattanooga may be Jacksonville State’s most important game of the year.

TJ Heath Makes the Bills Practice Squad

click here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

JSU Football Blog Recaps the Ark. Game

click here.

OVC Ball Recaps Saturday Night.

Really good recaps of the games someone other than the SID's from the schools.  Click here.

UTC's Defensive Line Will Be a Huge Test for the Gamecocks

Chattanooga's defensive line will likely be the best unit the Gamecocks face for the rest of the year prior to Florida.  UTC boasts two all conference defensive ends and two division one transfers in the interior.  One of the transfers is Derrick Lott, a 4 star high school player, who played two years for Georgia.  Chattanooga's coach, Russ Heusmann, said that the Mocs defensive line won the battle at the line of scrimmage against South Florida:

"This is one matchup I think we won: our defensive line versus their offensive line," Huesman said. "Whether [USF coach Skip Holtz] agrees with me or not, we won that battle."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post Game Observations- JSU v. Arkansas

Random late night observations on the JSU - Arkansas game



*Alan Bonner was an absolute beast with over 100 yards receiving;

*Highly touted freshman Telvin Brown looked impressive;

*This new kick rule has nullified one of JSU's best weapons in Gabriel Chambers.  Chambers had a couple of nice catches though as did Kevyn Cooper.  All in all, this wide receiving corps may prove to be a strength of the team.  It would have been great to have Markis Merrill in the mix.


*Buster Pope was as good as advertised. Pope had a nice move on a reception and ended up scoring;

*Coot James had an excellent game running the ball and was every bit as physical as anything Arkansas offered;

*Ealey went out relatively early, but appeared to be ok on the sideline. It was great to see Ealey constantly encouraging Pope.

*JSU ran a fullback, #46, that, to my knowledge, was not on the roster until this summer.  He seemed to play well, but we hope we continue to see Jerry Slota as well.


*T. Hardin made a surprise start on the offensive line.   It was great to see how many people played on the offensive line.  In addition to the starters, Rush, Colt Kennedy, Preston Hatcher and others played meaningful minutes.  I think I saw Thomas Williams in the game as well.

*Most of the time, the line gave Ivory and Blanchard time to throw.  You don't always see that in games between SEC and FCS teams.


*JSU mixed Coty and Ivory in seamlessly and seemed to run about four different offensive schemes.  UTC will have a challenging week of preparation.  Its amazing how effective Blanchard is after missing spring/summer with baseball.

*Considering the level of competition, Ivory made some great throws and had one of his better games as a Gamecock. He looked particularly good throwning mid to deep balls down the sidelines.


*The number of new faces on defense was amazing.  Leon Jones, Dustin Gayton, JR Hough, Jordan Jackson, Santavious Oden, Sean Watson and Trub Buxton all got their first meaningful minutes.  While the defense gave up a lot of points, they also created several turnovers and played much better in the second half.


*Dimetrio Tyson had a great game finishing with one sack and a tackle for a loss.

*Caleb Lawrence is a force in the middle.  Adam Wright played a lot as his backup.  Its remarkable that Wright was a backup offensive lineman two weeks ago.


*Although he appeared to get beat on one ball, Rashad "Spiderman" Smith was all over the field finishing with eight tackles.

*Nick Johnson, who we thought was injured, played a ton for the Gamecocks.

*Brent Tolson played a really good game at linebacker and appears to be emerging as a star for the Gamecocks.


*Rashod Byers had some bright spots at cornerback.

*It is unlikely that JSU will see a team that can throw it like Arkansas. Their QB put the ball on the money time and time again.


Griffin Thomas kicked a 49 yard field goal.

Coty and Hamish looked good punting the ball.

G-Times Previews the Game

click here.