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I had the pleasure of attending the JSU-Georgia baseball game in Athens last night. When I arrived, the Gamecocks were down 4-0 and UGA had the bases loaded. JSU got out of that jam and battled to make it 4-3, but left a lot of runners on base in the process. Georgia added a few more runs and going into the 8th seemed to have a comfortable lead. In the 8th inning an eruption occurred. JSU pounded UGA unmercifully. When it was finally over, the Gamecocks were 16-8 winners. It was their second win over a nationally ranked team this year.

JSU has an elite coach in Jim Case. He has fielded a team that represents JSU well on and off the field. They can match up with anyone in the Country. If you live within 25 miles of Rudy Abbott field go see this team! They have a double header with Morehead this Saturday. You'll have a chance to see a potential, future major league pitcher in Ben Tootle as well as a team that knocks the cover off the ball. They'll make you proud!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A closer look at our first opponent for the 2009 football season - Georgia Tech.
This was originally posted by David Hale in his blog, David covers UGA for the Macon Telegraph and Ledger-Enquirer.

Head coach: Paul Johnson (second year)
2008 Record: 9-4 (5-3 ACC)
Total Offense: 372.5 ypg (1st in the ACC, 50th overall)
Total Defense: 313.5 ypg (6th in the ACC, 25th overall)
On the docket: Georgia Tech opens its season Sept. 5 against Jacksonville State and closes out the regular season by hosting Georgia on Nov. 28.

In his first season at Georgia Tech, Paul Johnson turned around the program both in terms of wins and losses and in general perception. His triple-option offense was the talk of college football at times last year, and for the first time since Mark Richt came to Georgia, the Yellow Jackets managed a win over their in-state rival. To find out how Johnson planned to top his introductory season in 2009, I traded emails with the Macon Telegraph's Georgia Tech beat writer Coley Harvey.
David Hale: Well, Year 1 of the triple option proved to be pretty successful for Paul Johnson, but he has hinted he might like to expand the offense a bit this season. How much, if at all, have the Yellow Jackets tweaked their offense so far this spring, and how well do you think the triple option holds up now that teams have had a chance to see it once already?

Coley Harvey: One of the myths Paul Johnson has tried to dispel this offseason is the fact that his option offense is complete. Far from it. The Yellow Jackets head coach implemented a very bare bones set of plays, formations and schemes to his system last season, opting to showcase a very small portion of his largely triple-option system. One of the components the Yellow Jackets have worked on this spring is the run-n-shoot. A pass-oriented offense, the run-n-shoot will be used to counterbalance the option rushing attack, and has the ability to really give the Yellow Jackets a strong, multi-pronged offensive attack. Don't expect it to be used significantly this season; the Yellow Jackets will still probably hang their hats on the option aspect of the offense.

Most fans may look at Georgia Tech's passing numbers from last season, and figure there aren't any strong receivers to catch passes from quarterbacks Josh Nesbitt and Jaybo Shaw. On the contrary, the Yellow Jackets have a big, speedy pass-catcher in Middle Georgian Demaryius Thomas, and are expecting another deep threat in recruit Stephen Hill. This spring, sophomore Tyler Melton has emerged as an obvious No. 2 guy to Thomas, and has proven to have the best hands on the team behind Thomas.

In terms of how well the triple option will hold up in Year 2, that definitely is a question that will be best answered after the season starts. It's clear, however, that junior B-back Jonathan Dwyer -- last year's ACC Player of the Year -- has gotten stronger, heavier and a little faster this spring. It could be tougher for teams to bring him down this year due to his increased size, and in scrimmages, he continues to run straight ahead for four and five yards per play. In Johnson's mind, if his offense can run for four yards on every play of every down, that's positive yardage, and leads to first downs. With an expanded offensive scheme, it could prove tough for opposing teams to challenge the offense this season.

DH: Tech lost three very good players from a defensive line that was among the best in the ACC last year. Who has stepped up this spring, and how crucial will it be for the defense to identify replacements for the departed stars?

CH: Vance Walker, Darryl Richard and Michael Johnson will be sorely missed by the Yellow Jackets next season. They were giants along the defensive front, and the true heart and soul of the entire defensive unit. Perhaps the biggest void created by their graduations and likely departures for the NFL is the lack of leadership that all of a sudden hits the team. Three of just five seniors who started regularly last season, they were the public faces of the program, often speaking in ways that galvanized their teammates to action. They truly carried Georgia Tech on their backs in a year that most people expected the Yellow Jackets to be far from good. This year, there is only one senior slated to start on defense in the form of linebacker Sedric Griffin. So the Yellow Jackets' biggest concern is finding a leader to take the place of those three players.

Identifying replacements -- from a talent perspective -- is among the least of Georgia Tech's worries. The Yellow Jackets have already found a fairly deep group of defensive linemen to take the spots of the three 2008 All-ACCselections. The lock, so to speak, along the line is junior defensive end Derrick Morgan, who is already drawing the praise and acclaim that Michael Johnson had entering his senior season. Head coach Paul Johnson even went as far as calling Morgan his best defensive lineman at times last season. At the other end, Middle Georgian Robert Hall has emerged as the front-runner at the position, and has a strong chance to start this fall. On the interior, two of the team's strongest players in Ben Anderson and Jason Peters have emerged as the leading candidates at defensive tackle. While those could be the major components to the defensive line, the Yellow Jackets are also looking at the hefty Jason Hill and T.J. Barnes. Barnes, a redshirt last year, came into spring practice weighing over 360 pounds. As of the final week of spring practice, he was holding steady at 345. Both Hill and Barnes will give the Yellow Jackets an increase in size, and a serious presence on the interior for the next couple of seasons.

DH: I know spring isn't usually a time teams focus on special teams, but that was a big problem for Tech a year ago. Have you seen anything that would make you think things could be different this year?

CH: Special teams was the one area that gave the Yellow Jackets the most trouble last season. So far this srping, Paul Johnson has proven that despite how bad the area was last year, he isn't letting it worry him. Punting and kicking, particularly field goal kicking, was "atrocious" (Paul Johnson's words several times last season) for the Yellow Jackets, but it is the one area they haven't really touched at all this spring. The head coach said they'll focus on it during fall camp in August instead. While he's spent most practices off to the side casually going through the motions, Georgia Tech kicker Scott Blair has tried numerous techniques to improve his kicking, and believes he is seeing progress. Only time will tell.

The Yellow Jackets have done work on their return games, however, giving up to four different players extensive tryouts this spring at both punt and kick return. The likely leaders in those areas are A-back Roddy Jones and cornerback Jerrard Tarrant. Jones fielded punts for the last few games last season, averaging 8.8 yards per kick. Tarrant missed all of last season after being suspended while a pending legal issue was worked out. Charges against him in that matter were dropped in February, and he was able to rejoin the team this spring. And he hasn't appeared to miss a beat. His speed is there, his hands are there, as is his vision. For a former return specialist and cornerback at Carrollton High School, it's just a matter of getting back into the flow of something he execelled at while in high school.

DH: Georgia Tech obviously met and exceeded a lot of expectations last season, including toppling Georgia, but their year ended with an ugly loss to LSU in the Peach Bowl. So what has been the attitude on the team this spring -- are they riding high off last year's success or reliving that final loss for some added motivation?

CH: Judging from the practices this spring, you wouldn't even know the Yellow Jackets lost their last game of the season. Perhaps getting blown out 38-3 in the Chic-fil-A Bowl -- and (I know you'll hate this Bulldogs fans, but...) the win over Georgia at the end of the year -- lessened the blow of the loss, and allowed the Yellow Jackets to move on quickly. Had it been a closer final score in that game, maybe the loss would have been more heartbreaking, and you'd see players still moping.

But they've moved on, and are using it for, what some may consider, surprising and lofty motivation. No, they didn't win the ACC Championship last year, and no, they didn't appear in a January bowl game, but the Yellow Jackets genuinely and sincerely believe they can make a run at a national championship next season. Sure, it's the focus of any college football team at this point in the year, but Georgia Tech has been talking about setting its sights on Pasadena in the moments after their New Year's Eve bowl loss, and the team really seems to believe it. If there's one thing Paul Johnson is, it's a good motivator. He has a knack for getting the best and the most out of his teams, and proved that greatly last season when he turned a young program most expected to go 3-9, and brought it toward the strong finish.

DH: After seeing the team this spring, what jumped out at you in a positive way, and what would you say are the biggest questions Tech still needs to answer before the season begins?

CH: There were a number of positive things that jumped out at me this spring. The main thing was how quickly the Yellow Jackets' backfield has come around. The unit doesn't just hinge around Dwyer anymore. Roddy Jones, who rushed for more than 200 yards on 13 carries against the Bulldogs last season, is continuing to emerge as a strong blocker and quick running back. Also emerging are running backs Anthony Allen and Richard Watson. Allen, a transfer from Louisville, is playing for Georgia Tech for the first time, and has come on as a pass-catching threat out of the backfield, as well as a big, bruising back who can be paired with the equally bruising Dwyer. Watson, a redshirt freshman, has been the backfield's biggest surprise this spring, bursting onto the scene as a viable backup to Dwyer during second-team workouts during scrimmages this spring. Lucas Cox, who was one of the team's most consistent A-backs last season is also in the mix, and has had good moments, but his role may be less clear this season with a greater depth in the unit.

Tarrant has also jumped out at me. For a guy who missed an entire season to mesh back into the everyday grind as quickly as he has, it's been pretty remarkable. He's been around the ball everytime he's on the field during 7-on-7 and team passing drills, and he's been working on fielding punts and becoming a star in that respect. Although he's lost a year of eligibilty, the junior could be a major part of the Yellow Jackets' defense for the next two seasons, and possibly sneak onto the radar of NFL scouts.

The biggest questions the Yellow Jackets need to answer going into their Sept. 5 season-opener against Jacksonville State:

1. Special teams. Just how will the unit respond this fall to a lack of training this spring? Will the kickers and punters -- who have struggled to sink kicks during some unofficial scrimmages this spring -- respond successfully?

2. Passing. How much of a role do they want to give Demaryius Thomas and the rest of the receiving corps? Can the rest of the receivers come along and play a supporting role for him? Can they keep the drops to the minimum and spark another strong aspect of the offense to counteract the option?

3. Leadership. Who will step up to fill a void left by a number of Yellow Jackets? Three defensive linemen who graduated after last season were the most vocal members of the team. Who will take their place this year? The team has just one senior who likely will start on defense. Can he do it alone, or will others be required to step up, as well?

* Coley Harvey is the Georgia Tech beat writer for the Macon Telegraph. You can find his Tech coverage online here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday’s Random Thoughts

TGIF! 133 Days to the season opening kickoff, and I wanted to share some thoughts about what will be doing over the next several days/weeks.

First of all, we will be continuing to preview the 2009 football season by position. We still have receivers, tight ends, linebackers, and defensive backs. There are special teams too, and that was one of the eight questions facing the Gamecocks that we wrote about earlier. What will be the true strength of the Gamecock football team this coming season? The O-Line has plenty of game experience, and with a quarterback with a feel for the program now, our offense should be able to put up some points. Watching the team this spring, the defense looked great. I’m anxious to see how both sides look against competition with different colored jerseys.

We want to continue doing some player interviews and profiles, and will have more to post soon. JSU has some quality student/athletes on this team, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. Are there any players in particular you would like to see profiled?

Another thing we want to do is check on how the other OVC teams have done this spring, and how they are shaping up for next year. I think we’ll categorize those posts as “Know Your Enemy”. Who will be our toughest conference game in 2009?

I’ve always looked at the leadership the seniors provide to the team as a barometer of how the team plays – and how the team plays is an indication of the senior leadership. I like what I see of next season’s seniors.

JSUfan has great pictures of JSU sporting events. Please go take a look. Thanks for doing that, James.

With the NFL draft this weekend, and at the risk of missing someone, I wanted to recognize past JSU players who have been on NFL rosters – Jesse Baker, Ralph Battle, Dieter Brock, Walter Broughton, Kory Chapman, Eric Davis, David Gulledge, Darrell Malone, Keith McKeller, Terry Owens, Mark Ward, and Alvin Wright. For those of you who remember, the USFL had a few too. Does anyone know of a list compiled of all USFL players? All I could find was a scattering of information, and time limited me here in what I could do. I did see that JSU Punter Gregg Lowery was selected by Birmingham with the pick right after QB Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bills) was taken by Chicago.

The baseball, softball, and men’s tennis teams really deserve some attention. The softball team won again yesterday vs. Ole Miss with a walk-off home run by Hillary Downs. All of these teams are having fantastic seasons.

Since we’ve been doing this blog, if you’ve found anything interesting about it at all, please do us a favor – go to the bottom of this post and click on the “share” button. Please share this blog by email, facebook, or any of the other means listed with alumni, friends, students, parents, etc. Does anyone out there have any ideas regarding how to promote this blog?

There are several questions in today’s blog. Please feel free to comment by clicking on “post your comments” below. We’d like your input. More coming soon! Thanks!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Are #1

Deion Sanders once said: "To be the best, you have to beat the best." In front of a record crowd at Rudy Abbott field the JSU baseball team did just that last night defeating #1 ranked Georgia 9-7. You can never replace a legend like Rudy Abbott, but Coach Jim Case is building his own fantastic legacy at JSU. Congrats to the baseball team for this remarkable achievement.

By the way, the baseball team is not the only one knocking off SEC powers. Our softball team, perhaps JSU's finest program on a national level, defeated Ole Miss on the road and plays them again at home today. Good luck Lady Cocks!

JSU 88

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On To Nationals

Congratulations to the JSU Mens Tennis Team for capturing the conference title on Sunday in Kentucky. The team is coached by Steve Bailey who has been coaching the mens and womens teams at JSU for over 20 years. Bailey, a JSU grad, has an amazing number of OVC and GSC titles. His philosopy: "win with class." JSU is also blessed with a tremendous assistant Coach, Tim MacTaggart. Tim is pure JSU. When he was at JSU, Tim played on the football and tennis teams. After a long and successful coaching career at the high school level, Tim joined Coach Bailey's program. Tim's daugther, Katie Boggus, is a JSU graduate as well and leads the Guntersville Alumni Chapter (2008 chapter of the year).

Much like the NCAA basketball tournament, the winner of the OVC generally has to play a powerhouse in the first round of nationals. This team may have the horses to pull off an upset. They went 21-2 in the regular season with their only losses coming to UAT and Eastern Kentucky. Australian, Scott Robertson, had a 16-5 record at #1. Brazilians Eduardo Sarratt and Bernard Bachino went 19-2 and 18-3 at the 2 and 3 spots respectively. Another Aussie, Chris Duke, went 18-2 at #5 and Californian, Brian Kenyon got some key wins late in the season at the #6 spot. Its hard to obtain records this good when you are playing air.

Way to go Gamecocks!

JSU 88

Monday, April 20, 2009

JOSH CARROLL – Making the Team was a Snap

Josh Carroll came to JSU as a Preferred Walk-On his freshman season and earned a spot on the roster as the long and short snapper. Then as a junior they moved him to backup center but still continued to short snap for field goals and extra points. Moving into his final season at JSU, he has played in every game since he started - 33 games to date. Josh has been one of the unsung players on the team but has contributed in every game he has played by not missing a long or short snap.

Josh is an excellent example of the JSU student/athlete. recently talked with him by phone to ask a few questions.

Q: How did you end up coming to JSU?
A: I knew former Gamecock LB Devin Phillips from high school. Coach Adam Ross recruited me, and I had connections with him too from church over the years. I came to JSU as a Preferred Walk-On.

Q: How long did it take you to get playing time?
A: I ended up winning the long-snapping spot for my freshman year.

Q: Did you play that same position in high school?
A: I did. I played offensive line in high school, and my niche was long and short-snapping for punts, field goals, and extra points.

Q: What’s the most difficult part of long or short snapping?
A: It’s the pressure to be perfect every single time. When does the snapper get recognized? It’s when there’s a mistake. You can’t miss.

Q: What is the best thing about playing football at Jacksonville State?
A: The best thing is the camaraderie. This is a close team with a family atmosphere. We’ve bonded well as a team, especially over the last couple of years. I feel like the closeness of the team will help us to win a championship.

Q: Do you see your leadership role changing as a senior?
A: Yes, definitely. As a younger player, leadership is really leading yourself. As an upperclassman, it becomes a responsibility. The younger players look up to you because of your age and time in the program. You show them the way. As seniors, we will set the example.

Q: Tell me about your academics.
A: I’m majoring in Industrial Technology Management. I have a 3.55 GPA.

Q: I know you have some academic achievements. What are they? (Josh is modest, I had to prod him on this)
A: Twice I was named to the OVC Commissioner’s Honor Roll. I’ve been Dean’s List or President’s List all but one semester.

Q: What did you learn from the Tech game last year?
A: The speed of the game was faster. It surprised us, and it took us too long to adjust. We’ll do more to be ready this year. We’ll have a fighting chance. I know someone from my high school that will be playing for Tech. Being from Georgia, I’m really looking forward to playing this game again.

Q: Next you have the FSU game. What do you think about that?
A: That will be a great opportunity. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Q: What college team did you like growing up?
A: I liked Ga Tech and UGA. Growing up, I never really chose between one or the other. I always pulled for the underdog. Now, I’m a UGA fan. We play Tech, so I can’t pull for them.

Q: What would you say your goals are for the coming year?
A: First and foremost, a championship. We missed winning the OVC last year by 4 points. I still think about that. We want the championship.
Secondly, my goal is to be the best I can be.
If I have a third, it is to have fun.

Q: Last spring, we had no quarterbacks on the roster. This year, we have three that have been in the program for 1 season. What difference does that make in building toward next year?
A: It’s huge. First of all, the offense functions better. We should be way ahead of last year because we can work on things like timing of hand-offs, pass routes, and blocking. It will all be better.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: I have an 8 year old sister named Amanda and a 23 year old brother, Ben.

Q: Do you watch much TV?
A: I watch a lot of TV. My favorite shows are probably Family Guy and The Office.

Q: What do you tell someone that may want to play college football?
A: Be ready to put in the time. Between practices, games, weight-training, meetings and watching film, you’re looking at a 6-day work week. You have to balance your time carefully to take care of your academics and football.

Thanks Josh. Good luck in the upcoming season.

JSU 86

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictures from J-Day

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Gamecocks were in need of a center in 2008 and found a special player in Junior College transfer Reggie Wade. The Tuscumbia native started at center in every game (if memory serves us correctly) showing why he was invited to play in a national junior college all-star game. Wade is a quiet leader for the Gamecocks and will be a senior anchor on the offensive line. Reggie was kind enough to spend a few minutes with following the conclusion of Spring Practice. Yet another player that makes us proud of our football program and the student-athletes it is bringing to JSU. During the course of the interview, Reggie told me that he really enjoyed Tony Dungy’s book, Quiet Strength. After talking with Reggie and watching him play, it is clear that he brings a quiet strength to the Gamecocks. Let’s get to know Reggie Wade.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between this level and junior college?

A: The biggest difference . . . Would have to be the discipline of the players. The guys are a lot more fundamentally sound than in junior college.

Q: What are your strengths as a center?

A: My quickness and my IQ for the game.

Q: Who do you model yourself after in the NFL?

A: I love Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts.

Q: Lets talk about the 09 Season. What’s your assessment of the offensive line?

A: The offensive line can definitely be a strength for the Gamecocks. We have three returning starters. We lost two seniors last year, but we have guys that can come in and make a pretty good impact.

Q: Who are some newcomers on the offensive line that have your attention?

A: We have [an incoming] freshman from Flynt, Michigan by the name of Ricky Clemmons that should be pretty good. We also have Tyler Ogletree that filled in last year. Tori Mobley, an upcoming freshman should also be pretty good.

Q: Outside of the offensive line, who are some newcomers to watch?

A: I am really, really excited about Brandon George, our running back. I like his intensity and I like his work ethic. He goes out every day and works really hard.

Q: How about JUCO transfer Jamal Young?

A: He’s a junior college guy so I definitely like him. He works hard and he’s learning the plays pretty quickly. I feel like he’s going to have a great impact.

Q: Who are some of the tough players on the JSU defensive line?

A: Definitely, Brandt Thomas comes to mind. I don’t play much against Jamison Wadley but he’s definitely good.

Q: What about Texas Garrott?

A: He’s pretty good. He’s just a hard worker. He’s a blue collar guy. He just goes out there and works hard every day and makes plays.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing Georgia Tech again?

A: I’m very excited. We were a little shell shocked at the beginning [of last year’s game]. But I feel like with a little more experience we can do pretty good this year.

Q: How was it matching up against Tech’s defensive line that included three NFL prospects?

A: It was fun. We heard about them all last spring heading into the game in August. They were really good. They [deserved] the accolades.

Q: What about the FSU game?

A: That’s a childhood dream team that I loved when I was a kid. Playing in that game is going to be a dream come true for me.

Q: Who are your biggest rivals in the OVC?

A: I would have to say Eastern Illinois, but this year we are really looking forward to playing EKU again, because we left there with a bad taste in our mouth. We are ready to come back and play again.

Q: What are the goals for this team?

A: Ultimately, to win a conference championship. We are working hard and we have the talent, but as Coach says talent is not enough. We have to come together as a team and be disciplined. Ultimately, we will win it if we do what we need to do.

Q: Will it be a big help having Ryan Perrilloux here for spring ball this year?

A: Definitely. When he first got here, even being the great player that he is he still had to learn the offense and everything. This year, he has a year under his belt with the offense and I feel he is going to have a phenomenal year.

Q: What could the JSU fans do to help the team?

A: I like it here, but I would love to see them get into the games a lot more. I would like to see a bigger student section.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I’m a big reader. I just finished a book by Tony Dungy called "Quiet Strength". It’s a really good book.

Q: What’s your major?

A: Exercise science.

Q: How are you doing?

A: Good. I should have all A’s and one B right now.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: Possibly stay here and get my masters or apply to physical therapy school.

Thanks for your time, and good luck Reggie.

JSU 88

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T.J. Heath- A Gamecock Star On the Rise

A look at one of our bright student/athletes...

After the J-Day game, had the opportunity to spend some time with cornerback T.J. Heath, an Alexandria product who earned first team All-State honors in 2005. Coach Crowe described Heath as “a premier athlete” when he signed and he has not disappointed. Heath burst onto the scene with the Gamecocks in 2007 with an interception for a touchdown in his first series in a college game. He followed that up last year with 42 tackles and an interception returned for 41 yards. TJ concluded an excellent spring with several big plays in the J Day game including an interception for a touchdown.

Heath is clearly a big time player, but more importantly he is the type of player that will make the Gamecock Nation proud both on and off the field. He is a very good student and a respectful young man that gives a great interview. One of the things that impressed me most about TJ was when I asked him about his most exciting moment as a Gamecock, it was a team accomplishment- the defensive stand against Tennessee State that ended the 2008 season. T.J was also quick to give praise to his teammates and recognizes that he can always improve his game-- two characteristics of the type of player that will win championships for JSU.

Here is a summary (some of T.J’s comments have been edited for space) of what TJ had to say about a variety of topics as we approach the 2009 season.

Heath On Playing for JSU:

Q: Why did you choose JSU?

A: A lot of it had to do with Coach Crowe’s style of coaching. It’s very intense. I came from Coach Larry Ginn. It was much the same type of coaching style so I thought it was a good place for me to be.

Q: Tell us about Coach Stewart?

A: Ever since I [arrived at JSU] he’s been a motivator for the defense as a whole. He works us hard every day. He doesn’t ever allow us to slack up and that’s one thing I love about him, he always keeps us intense and ready to play. He’s a great coach. I wouldn’t play for [anyone] else.

Q: What are your strengths on the field?

A: My main strength is probably coverage and I’m getting back to the more physical part {of the game after recovering from shoulder surgery]

Q: Is there any NFL player you try to emulate?

A. I like to look at Champ Bailey a lot. He is very aggressive the way he plays. .

Q: Who are you battling with for playing time?

A: Juwaan Booker and A.J. Davis.

Heath on the Opposition:

Q: How do you feel about opening with Tech again?

A: I’m very excited about the Tech game. [We had some early success against them last year]. This year with some things we have changed up it might be a pretty good game.

Q: What about FSU?

A: I’m definitely excited about that game. [I told Coach Crowe I am looking forward to the challenge of matching up with their great receivers]. I like challenges. The Florida State game will be a great challenge for us . . . I’m looking forward to it.

Q: Who would you consider your biggest rival in the OVC?

A: UT Martin is one of our biggest rivals. It’s always a great game.

Q: How was the matchup against UT Martin wide reciever, Micheal Hicks (an Ole Miss transfer)?

A: He had a pretty good game. I give him his props, but I’m looking forward to having him back here [in Paul Snow next year]. I know its going to be a different game.

Heath on his teammates:

Q: Who are some newcomers Gamecock fans should be on the lookout for ?

A: One is Juwaan Booker. He’s a red shirt freshman. I think he’s going to have a breakout year this year and people will start to know him a lot better . Another is A.J. Davis. A.J. is a tremendous player. He’s going to have a big year for us. Another player is Rodney “Texas” Garrott. He can play some ball. I was amazed [when I was him in practice]. He is an up and coming player. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action when we get face to face with Georgia Tech.

Q: Who is the fastest player on the team?

A: The fastest player on the team I have to say is Carnell Clark, #26. He’s a hard hitter who has no problem being physical and he plays smart. He has a great chance to play in the NFL.

Q: Tell us about Alexander Henderson?

A: He is an unbelievable talent. He had five consecutive tackles in a recent scrimmage. [The coaches] took him out and said ‘that’s enough, you’re done.’ He’s a great player for us and a big help on stopping the running game. I’m looking forward to seeing him out on the field.

Q: Who are the big hitters?

A: Number one is Carnell Clark; he is a big hitter. Every time he gets a chance he’s trying to hit somebody. Another is Morrell [Jones] he plays linebacker. He is a big hitter as well. Those two are probably the biggest hitters on the team. I’m coming along! Every time I talk to Carnell, he makes fun of me and tells me I’m a little soft, but I tell him all that’s about to change. I’m getting there.

Q: Who are some tough matchups among the Gamecock receivers?

A: Jeff Cameron. He’s really improved getting off the line. James Wilkerson is running some very good routes as well. .

Q: What about Tech transfer Greg Smith?

A: I had a chance to talk to him. I’m looking forward to seeing him make some plays out here with us.

Heath Off The Field:

Q: What do you like to do off the field?

A: Write music, play video games and just relax. I like to write some R&B music and a lot of gospel music as well. My favorite musician is Curt Franklin.

Q: What is your major?

A: Exercise science with a minor in business.

Q: How are you doing academically?

A: I’m doing great. I’m looking forward to graduating on time. That’s a big goal.

Q: What do you want to do after graduation?

A: I want to do something with my degree. I recently hurt my back and have been going to the chiropractor [it is really interesting to me]. If I don’t get to the next level, I’m probably going to go to chiropractic school.

JSU 88

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random observations from the J-Day game


Cornerback T.J. Heath stood out showing outstanding coverage skills. The Junior from Alexandria returned an interception for a touchdown. Heath plays with the attitude you like to see from a cover corner. will have a full profile on Heath in the coming days.

Another member of the secondary that continues to stand out is Andre “Bo” Bailey. All he does is hit people and makes plays. Bailey is doing everything he can to make it impossible for the coaches to keep him off the field.

Josh Cain showed a knack for making things happen. He had an interception and a fumble recovery which he returned for a touchdown. Cain is able.

Carnell Clark – Seemed like the offense wanted to stay away from him, and who can blame them? A message to Gamecock fans: we have a special player in #26. Watch him on Saturdays this year and watch him on Sundays next year.

The defensive line continued to bring good pressure and showed the speed Coach Augustine emphasizes. JSU has some athletes on defense. Newcomer Anthony Lewis certainly made his presence felt. Lewis is a DIII transfer and will sit out the 2009season, but we look for great things from him in the future.

The linebackers looked very fast as well. Overall, this is a fast Gamecock defense that plays with intensity on every down. A prediction from this defense will: 1) GET OFF THE FIELD AFTER THIRD DOWN; 2) lead the OVC in big hits; 3) and have a secondary that feasts as a result of the pressure created by the front four and linebackers. All of these guys are confirmed playmakers: TJ Heath, AJ Davis, Morrell Jones, Brandt Thomas, Jamison Wadley, Carnell Clark, Alexander Henderson and Texas Garrot.


As best we could tell,the first team offense at least at times consisted of the following:

OT: Curt Porter, Tyler Chambers
OG: Matt Jones, Tori Mobley
C: Reggie Wade
TE: Eric Johns
WRs: John Whiddon, Jeff Cameron and others that could not be identified based on #..
RB: Brandon George
QB: Marquis Ivory

Eric Johns continues to impress. The senior tight end had a great spring. His backup Justin Howard is a player as well.

Jeff Cameron showed he might be ready to be “the man” in the receiving corps for the Gamecocks. The senior from Tupelo led all receivers. Crowe appears very keen on the Gamecocks ability to pass the ball next season and we have not even seen what Tech transfer Greg Smith will bring to the table.

JSU can still improve in the running game. At least right now, it does not seem the Gamecocks have that running back that makes one get on the edge of their seats every time he touches the ball. That being said, Brandon George is a tough, hard working player that continuously earns the praise of his teammates and coaches. Jamal Young showed flashes of brilliance throughout the spring. Drec Lindley also had some nice runs.

There were way too many turnovers. 5 interceptions and a couple of fumbles. (both teams combined). Certainly, this can be attributed from the lack of continuity of playing with different combinations in Spring ball.

Brooks Robinson was really impressive at quarterback. He is a dual threat quarterback with a very good grasp on the offense. Robinson has good velocity on his passes, but also can throw a touch pass depending on the situation. His numbers would have been even better, but for a drop in the end zone on a 25 yard pass. Take away the interceptions, and Marques Ivory’s numbers look good as well. Ivory may be pressing some. Either way, the talent at quarterback for JSU does not end with Perrilloux.

We observed at least three scrimmages in the Spring. They were all marked by intensity from the coaches and the players. They are on a mission. Next stop- Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. We will see you there.

JSU 86 & JSU 88

Stay Tuned

Information from the J-Day game is coming. Stay tuned for what we saw, who stood out, player interviews, pictures, and more. It will be posted very soon. Power outages due to the storm have pushed our schedules back a little. Thanks for your patience.


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Friday, April 10, 2009


The first in a series of player profiles, where we will get to know our student-athletes a little better.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Cain today and asked him a few questions to share with our readers. On the football field, Josh plays Safety, and wears #13. In the classroom, he is a model student, continuously making A’s in his classes.

In looking for the right college, what led you to JSU?
There were several reasons. I wanted to look for a school where I could major in computer science, and I really liked what JSU had to offer. Looking at the computer classes that were offered, I knew I would enjoy it. Also, the size of the University is right for me, and it felt like the right fit. Faith is an important part of my life, and when I was looking at options, prayer was a big part of my decision. After much prayer, I felt led to come to JSU, and it’s been the right choice, no doubt.

What has helped you to succeed at Jacksonville State both on and off the field?
First of all, hard work and studying helps, whether you’re talking about the football team, or my classes. My faith helps me too. I have a sense of purpose here at JSU. Knowing your purpose can help with focus. I also try to be a good steward of my time.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen as to how to succeed both on and off the field?Work hard. Study. The harder you work, the better you’ll be.

Tell me one thing about college football the people don’t usually see or know about.
People would probably be surprised at how much time we spend with football. People sometimes comment about practicing, and the hours we spend on the field. What they don’t see are the meetings and the hours in the weight room. It’s a lot of time. It’s something I had to get used to.

Did you play the same position as you do now when you were in high school?
No. I went to Edgewood Academy in Wetumpka. It’s a very, very small school. I played Linebacker and Running Back in high school. I play Safety here at JSU. It was a big adjustment for me.

This will be your senior year with the football team. What highlights stand out to you?There are a lot of things that stand out to me as a Gamecock. The Tennessee Tech game was one where I got to blitz. I had a tackle for a loss in that game. The last game against Tennessee State was a highlight. It was a hard fought game; we came from behind to take the lead very late in the game. The defense had to stop them one last time. It was a great feeling to get the win in that game.

We play Georgia Tech in the first game again this year. Do you see the potential to improve the performance against Tech this year?Absolutely. There were a few key plays early in the game last year that made a difference. We could’ve easily had an interception early in the game. We have the ability to take advantage of some opportunities that we left on the table last year. I feel like we’ll play a much better game this time.

Out of the younger guys on the team, who do you think will step up this coming season that we may not know about?I’m going to say it will be Jason Horton at Safety. Jason is a hard-worker. He’s quiet, but takes care of his business. It would not surprise me to see him making some plays this year on defense. He’ll be a sophomore this season.

Who is the fastest player on the team?
Hard to say for sure, but I think it’s between Carnell Clark and A.J. Davis. Mike Owens may be right there with them.

Who is the hardest hitter on defense?I would say Carnell Clark, but Alex Henderson is right there with him.

Who was your favorite college team growing up?We moved to Wetumpka when I was 11, and that was around the time I really got interested in football. We were close to Auburn, and I followed them. I’m a JSU fan first though.

What are your plans after football?
I’m not sure right now. I’m actually graduating with a degree in computer science this semester. I’ll enroll in graduate school, and play football in the fall. I’m praying about my next steps, and doing all I can to get ready.

While at the scrimmages over the past two weeks, on third downs, I hear the coaches start yelling “Get off the field!” Does that fire the defense up?
(Laughs a little) It does. That’s our job – to get off the field. Our goal is 3 downs, and get off the field. We want to get on the sideline and let our offense get on the field. We do that, and we win games.

It was great to get to know Josh a little better. He’s really a quality student and athlete. We’re proud to have him at Jacksonville State.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After the strong showing of the defensive line at Saturday’s scrimmage, we figured the time was right for the defensive line preview, so I contacted Jacksonville State D- Line Coach Dan Augustine. The 2009 season will be Dan Augustine’s 4th season at JSU. After playing at Baylor for four years, Augustine spent time coaching at Missouri Western, the University of Louisiana-Monroe, and Southwest Baptist. Coach Augustine provided some outstanding insight about JSU’s defensive line for 2009.

From last year’s team, Duane Tolbert was the only senior. Coach Augustine described Tolbert as the emotional leader of the unit. “Duane was hurt for the UT Martin game, and didn’t make the trip with us. It was very evident that we missed him on the field because of his leadership”, said Augustine.

The good news is that there are several people ready to step up their play in 2009, but Coach Augustine is particularly happy about the overall depth of the unit: “I like to be at least 2-deep, and even 3-deep. That allows us to be able to rotate people, based on feel or down-and-distance situations. We’ll be fresher in the 4th quarter, and I want my guys to be able to go hard at the end of the game.” Augustine is also excited about a shift in scheme… “At the end of this past season, I talked with Coach Crowe in review of the season, and then looking forward. We were able to bring some pressure with 3 guys last year, but I thought we would be more effective by bringing a 4th player. That will reduce the double-teams we face at the line of scrimmage.” That pressure will be a byproduct of JSU’s philosophy of recruiting athletes at the defensive line position, Augustine states: “They don’t have to be the biggest; I want athletes. I look for speed and the ability to make a play.”

I mentioned to Coach Augustine the difference I saw in the defensive line from the first scrimmage to the one this weekend. He told me he talked with the players after the first scrimmage. He told them it was up to them to step up, to play with emotion, and to be leaders. From what I saw Saturday, they did.

Augustine’s Comments on the leaders of the D-Line for 2009:

“We have two seniors; Santez Mays (DE, 6’1”, 255) and Brandt Thomas (NT, 6’3”, 290). These two players got here the same year I did. Both of these guys have played a lot over their 3 years here. They both have high character and set great examples.” Brandt Thomas was second team All-OVC last season and was one of the team leaders in sacks.

Coach Augustine then commented that JSU is building around four key players for the future, all of which are expected to make substantial contributions next season:

Jamison Wadley (DE, 6’3”, 260) – Had shoulder surgery, but should be back this summer and ready for the season. Wadley sat out the 2007 season as a Redshirt at Southern Miss. He had 29 tackles last season, with eight tackles for a loss. Wadley was rated a 2 star player by Rivals coming out of high school and was the Gadsden Times’ Defensive Player of the Year.

Michael Ellis (NT, 6’2”, 285). Coach Augustine on Ellis: “He has the ability to be very explosive. With effort, he can be the best Nose Tackle we’ve had in the last 5 years.” (Coach Augustine wasn’t here before that, and didn’t want to exaggerate by saying 10 or 20 years)

Monte Lewis (DE, 6’3”, 251). Augustine says: “Maybe the best compliment to Monte is that the offense talks about him more than any other defensive lineman. In the Tennessee State game last year, Monte really rose up. He is very physical, and plays hard.”

Rodney “Texas” Garrott (DE, 6’2”, 235) Rodney was creating havoc at Saturday’s scrimmage. Augustine says that when he first came out of high school, he was an “in-betweener” in our system, meaning his size put him somewhere between a linebacker and a defensive end. The shift to rushing a 4th player really has benefitted Rodney.

After talking with Coach Augustine, these four will definitely be on my radar – for the next three seasons (as they are all sophomores). If they are as good as advertised, the defensive line should be stout next year.
Who else might help?

Demetrio Tyson (DE, 6’2”, 275) Coach Augustine says Tyson “has a lot of upside”. He was a Redshirt last year, so he still has 4 years of eligibility. “The ability is there…and we expect good things from him. He is very ‘slippery’.” Tyson was named to the Southeast Sun’s Super 12 team out of high school.

Kevin Dix (LB/DE, 6’2”, 260) Played LB at Dodge City Community College where he earned all conference honors.. Dix will play some DE at JSU. Kevin has great speed; he even returned 12 kickoffs last year for an average of 20.8 yards per return. Expect Kevin to contribute right away. Dix is athletic and holds the Georgia High School record for Triple Jump at 47 feet, 8 inches.

Josh Lewis (DE, 6’5”, 245) After originally committing to Clemson, Lewis played at East Central Community College. Prior to playing at ECCC, Lewis had a stellar high school career and was selected to play in the prestigious Alabama - Mississippi high school all star game. He was also named team MVP and second-team All-South at ECCC. Augustine states: “He’s another guy that we are looking to for significant contribution in 2009.”

In summary, Coach Augustine feels that this will be a good year for the team, for the defense, and for the defensive line. “I’m looking forward to the challenges of the upcoming season. We have a great group of linemen. We’ll be ready.” If the d-line will play with the enthusiasm and intensity it had on Saturday, it should be fun. And I think they can still get better.

JSU 86

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big News for the JSU Men's Tennis Team

From the JSU Sports Information Desk-

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JSU Men’s Tennis Earns ITA National Ranking

JACKSONVILLE – The Jacksonville State men’s tennis team achieved another milestone when it received its first ever ITA national ranking since joining NCAA Division I, according to College Tennis Online on Tuesday.

JSU is one of two Ohio Valley Conference teams ranked, entering the rankings at No. 88 while Tennessee Tech was ranked 108th. Virginia is the top ranked men’s team followed by Ole Miss, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, Southern California, Baylor, Stanford, UCLA and Florida.

Eduardo Saratt and Scott Robertson were ranked 74th in the nation earlier in the season, becoming the first doubles team in school history to be nationally ranking.

Jacksonville State plays its final home match of the season against Mercer University on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the JSU Tennis Courts. Seniors Bernardo Bachino, Scott Robertson, Steffen Solomon and Eloah Lopes will be honored prior their final home match.


Good Job Tennis Team!

A Gamecock Welcome to Greg Smith

Yesterday, it was announced that Greg Smith will be transferring to JSU from Ga Tech. Greg, welcome to "The Friendliest Campus in the South". We're looking forward to seeing you on the field soon.

Greg chose JSU over Portland State. The Anniston Star also reports that JSU has received permission to talk to at least 2 other transfer candidates; Lennon Creer, a RB from Tennessee, and LSU Redshirt DB Phelon Jones. We got a transfer from LSU last year, could that happen again?

Monday, April 6, 2009


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville. Here are some thoughts from the 100+ play scrimmage:

The following players looked particularly good:

Eric Johns - Eric had multiple catches and knows what to do with the ball after he catches it. Johns is a potential all OVC tight end.

Jamaal Young - The Gamecocks have a home run hitter. Young juked one guy on a punt return and proceeded to take it to the house. He also had a couple of nice runs, including a 30 yarder that was nullified by a penalty.

Patrick Tatum - the Auburn transfer boomed some punts and also had some deep kickoffs, a marked improvement over last year. He also shanked one, but it’s early.

Andre Bailey - Ed. Note- we are assuming that #6 on the Red Team was Andre Bailey. This reserve corner was laying the wood all day long and also had an interception.. I had not heard of him before Saturday, but he was all over the place.

Ryan Perrilloux - it’s a tribute to how good this guy is that you think he’s having an off day and then learn that he was 14-19. Perrilloux’s competitive intensity was on display many times during the scrimmage.

Rodney Garrot - if you don’t know his name yet, you will. Garrot could not be stopped and seems to be the answer to the Gamecocks’ pass rushing needs. Santez Mays was also very active.

Jared Stewart - was all over the place on defense. Stewart is starting to show why he was offered by Georgia Tech, Memphis and Kentucky.

**As has been previously reported, the defense definitively got the better of the offense in Saturday’s scrimmage. However, the offense was missing two fullbacks and two tight ends which can certainly lead to a lack of continuity.

**The Gamecocks really struggled to run the ball early in the scrimmage. As the day progressed, however, Brandon George started to make some nice runs. George seems to be the type of back that gets stronger during the game. He is not afraid of contact.

**Jonathan Nwilgoh, Travis Grandy and Nolan Grange are all relative newcomers who received considerable playing time with the first and second team defense.

**Keginald Harris, a backup safety, looks to have superb speed. Gamecock insider Greg Spence and others are really keen on Harris’ future. Harris drew serious interest from Ole Miss before signing with the Gamecocks in 2008.

**All-American Candidate Carnell Clark had one hit that probably caused a false start at the track meet;

**Al Chamazhad booted a field goal that appeared to be about 40 yards;

** Brooks Robinson might be pushing Ivory a bit for the #2 quarterback spot. Although they were inconsistent, they are both good runners and passers.

**The pass rush was dominant.

**Tight End Justin Howard was actually playing fullback. This is likely a temporary move, but the coaches are really excited about Howard’s size and athleticism.

**To sum it up, it was a hard hitting scrimmage. Even when execution lagged, the intensity seemed present. It will be fun to watch how this team progresses.

JSU 88

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scrimmage Pictures, PART II

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Pictures from 4/4/09 Scrimmage, PART I

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


We have been excited about the previews of the offensive line and running backs and appreciate the insight from Coach Smouse and Coach Ogle. There are more previews to come, but we thought we’d take a break and start some discussion on the Seven Big Questions Facing the Gamecocks in 2009.

QUESTION 1: Can the Gamecocks Overcome the Schedule?

To our knowledge, this is the first time in the history of the program that JSU has opened up: 1) against two BCS opponents; and 2) with straight four road games. Adding additional difficulty, we only have four home games. However, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, and if the Cocks can survive the first four games, I actually like the way the rest of the schedule plays out.

First, in a quirk of OVC scheduling, the Cocks don’t have to play Tennessee State. Prior to an end of the season collapse, TSU was leading the OVC and ranked nationally. Second, at least on paper, the Gamecocks toughest games are at home. Traditional OVC powers Eastern Kentucky and Eastern Illinois as well as former Gulf South foe UT Martin will have to travel south this year. It will be interesting to see if home field advantage is meaningful against EKU and UTM-- the Cocks lost those two games last year by a grand total of 5 points.

There are other things I like about the schedule as well. Tennessee Tech, who historically plays JSU tough, visits the the week after playing Georgia. They will be worn out. Next, we get an off week before playing Eastern Illinois. Coach Crowe is one of the best scheme guys in the business and I like the idea of him and Coach Letson having two weeks to prepare for the Panthers.

Finally, our road games are against Peay, SEMO and Murray, three teams we should be favored to beat. That being said, we lost to SEMO in '07 and Murray in '03. These are games the Cocks need to come out of the gate with intensity and put the game away. While our losses last year were to two very good football teams by close margins, in my outsider’s view we let some lesser opponents hang around too long last year.

QUESTION 2: Will Ryan Perrilloux Be the Man on Offense?

Ryan Perrilloux was every bit as good as advertised. He threw for 2318 yards, ran for 368 and had a 140.9 qb rating. That being said, Ryan can still improve. His five interceptions against EKU remain mystifying to this day. Further, he can’t force the action. Ryan also needs to show the NFL scouts that he is a leader. No matter who scores the touchdown or makes the big play, Ryan should be the first player leading the charge to congratulate him. Finally, he’s a grown man. Stay out of trouble and make a few million in “the League” in 2010 and beyond. By the way, a donation to JSU when that happens would be nice!

QUESTION 3: Will Alexander Henderson Be the Man on Defense?

If JSU received the same level of coverage that Auburn and Alabama did (hey- we are doing our part!), Alex Henderson would be a household name. The linebacker from Mobile racked up 103 tackles last year and had 20+ tackles in back to back games, one of only two players in JSU’s division to accomplish that feat. He’s a Certified Bone Crusher. Wondering just how good Henderson is? Consider this- he had 57 solo tackles, with the next closest on the team being 39 and 103 total tackles with the next closest being 66. The question is - can he maintain that level of play or even improve in 09? I can’t wait to find out. A side note- there is an assassin in the wings by the name of Morrell Jones that is primed to light some people up in 2009.

QUESTION 4: Who’s Going to Fill Their Shoes?

The great George Jones (no relation to Morrell) sang “Who’s going to fill their shoes?” He was talking about Waylon, Willie and company, but the song could have been written about departed Gamecocks WR Marcus Dupree and RB Daniel Jackson. Marcus accounted for almost 1/3 of the receiving yards and Daniel accounted for well over 1/2 of the rushing yards by running backs.. We have to replace these guys. Coach Ogle things we are going to be ok at running back, that’s good enough for me. We also have some fine wide receivers returning, including veterans John Houston Whiddon, Jeff Cameron and James Wilkerson. Converted DB, James Shaw, is a playmaker that Coach Crowe really likes. Somebody among this group needs to step up. If internet rumors are correct, help may be on the way at the wide receiver position by way of Greg Smith, Georgia Tech’s leading receiver from two years ago. But, as we all know, you can’t necessarily believe what you read on the internet unless of course it's on!

QUESTION 5: Will the Offensive Line Dominate?

I’m not going to reiterate what was in our March 31 blog post about the offensive line, but we are 2 deep this year with some special players leading the way. The depth is certainly a difference between this year and recent years and is unique at the FCS level. Curt Porter, Matt Jones and Reggie Wade are future all-stars. As Matt’s former Hoover High School coach and JSU grad, Russ Propst, might say: “This line needs to go out and physically beat the pi** out of some people.”

QUESTION 6: Will the Special Teams Be Special?

I would describe JSU’s special teams play in 2008 as “The Best of Times and the Worse of Times.” Save one extra point miss, Gavin Hallford was terrific and deserves the praise of the Gamecock Nation for playing with an injury all season long. Hallford’s first year replacement Al Chamazhad struggled at times to get depth on his kicks which led to some horrible field position problems. However, credit to the young man for stepping up for the Gamecocks when we needed it- he was a true freshman after all. No word on whether Auburn transfer Patrick Tatum will attempt to kick as well, but Tatum has a strong chance to be the Gamecocks punter. He averaged over 43 yards per punt for the Tigers in 2007. Hopefully, we won’t be doing much punting in 09’ though.

JSU’s bad kick coverage was offset by their outstanding kick return team, but Maurice Dupree is gone. Hopefully, we can find an equally dangerous return man as it seems every team in the OVC has at least one dangerous kick returner. I think Jamal Young may fit the bill.

QUESTION 7: Can the Gamecocks Get a Pass Rush?

I loved the tenacious play of Jamison Wadley, Brandt Thomas and Duane Tolbert among others last year, but the bottom line is in 2008 JSU did not generate enough pressure on the passer. Will this improve in 2009? If we can get a pass rush, I think talented defensive backs AJ Davis and Carnell Clark will get the opportunity to make some big plays to blow games open.

QUESTION 8: Will the fans get off their hands?

To paraphrase the legendary Larry Munson’s call at the 1980 Georgia - Florida game, we need to make so much noise at the Snow next year that they will have to tear the place down and renovate it. To me, a big question is if the players deliver a championship performance are the fans going to give championship enthusiasm. As the months go on, this blog is going to devote more attention to: a) how we get people in the seats at JSU; and b) once we get them in the seat, how do we get them up from the seat to enthusiastically cheer for the Cocks. I have to quit typing now, I’m getting so fired up I’m ready to play and I know the staff has no use for middle aged, white guys who even in their day were “small but slow.”

I think those are the big questions. What do you think? What are the other question marks for 09? Let us know! Go Cocks!!

JSU 88