Monday, November 29, 2010

Jacksonville State University - Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Wofford Game

Jacksonville State University - Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Wofford Game

10 Things To Know About Wofford

1) Wofford tied for the Southern Conference championship despite losing head to head against Appalachian State.

2) Wofford returned 20 starters from its 2009 team. The 2009 team was plagued by injuries and went 3-8.

3) Wofford running back Eric Breitenstien is all So-Con and has 1,359 rushing yards on the season. If the Gamecocks can stop him, they should win the game.

4) Wofford QB Mitch Allen has only completed 29 passes this year.

5) Wofford DE Ameet Pall was the So Con Defensive player of the year. As we have previously written, it is going to be great to watch him go up against Curt Porter.

6) Wofford has the top ranked rushing offense in the nation.

7) Wofford is ranked 8th in the nation in total defense.

8) Wofford has never had an upset win like Ole Miss, but nearly upset South Carolina in 2006 falling 27-20. In 2008, Wofford only lost to USC 23-12.

9) One area the Gamecocks may have an advantage is special teams. JSU is ranked 40th in the nation in punt returns, compared to 115 for Wofford. JSU is ranked 16 in the nation in kick returns, compared to 34 for Wofford. JSU is ranked 24th in the nation in punting, compared to 62 for Wofford.

10) Wofford played much better at home than on the road. Noise helps JSU. It will be a great help to the team to make sure we have a rowdy, loud, JSU atmosphere at this game. When JSU is on defense, be as loud as you can be.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

10 Things We Are Thankful For Today

There are many things in life way more important than football, but since this is a sports blog we thought we'd list some things that we are thankful for relating to JSU football:

1. We are thankful that this team has an opportunity for redemption after the Tennessee Tech game, not only that the opportunity comes in the first ever home (edited) FCS playoff game for the Gamecocks;

2. We are thankful to LeAnn Crowe and Patty Hobbs who did an incredible amount of ground work to help organize and create a student section for the Gamecocks.

3. We are thankful for the students for making Burgess Snow Stadium a tough place to play.

4. We are thankful for the Southerners and Band Director Ken Bodiford. Number one in the country, no questions asked.

5. We are thankful that Coty Blanchard stayed home, turning down 40-50 scholarship offers in the process.

6. We are thankful every time Marques Ivory steps out on the field when we need a touchdown with two minutes to go.

7. We are thankful for Calvin Middleton, a workhorse running back that does not get near the publicity he deserves;

8. We are thankful to be fans of a team that has won 25 of its last 33 games and the hard work our coaches put in to get us there.

9. We are thankful that Big Texas Garrott plays every game like its his last.

10. We are thankful we beat Ole Miss.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Matchup to Watch: Ameet Pall v. Curt Porter

There are several big time individual matchups in this game, but perhaps none more intriguing than Wofford defensive lineman Ameet Pall versus Jacksonville State offensive tackle, Curt Porter. Pall, a Canadian, is only 250 pounds but has had an incredible season. He is a Buchanan award nominee with 47 tackles on the season. Not that big of a deal? Look again. Of those 47 tackles, an incredible 19.5 were for a loss including 12.5 sacks.

In all likelihood, Pall will be lined up against Curt Porter, possibly the best lineman ever to play at Jacksonville State. Porter, an All-OVC player is 6-7 and 315pounds and a prime reason that Jacksonville State has given up very few sacks this year. His play has not gone unnoticed, NFLDRAFTSCOUT.Com reates him as the 14th best tackle in all of college football and a 5th round pick.

GATA Curt.

Position Switch - Michael Ellis

Before the collapse, one of the more intriguing aspects of the game was that defensive lineman, Michael Ellis, had changed numbers and was playing offensive line. (We think- if we got the numbers messed up- never mind). The Gamecocks are thin on the offensive line, but unless someone else goes down I hope Ellis plays BOTH WAYS against Wofford. If we lose, there will be nine months to rest after the game.


Our understanding is that Kevin Dix will be back for the playoffs. Maybe this is what the doctor ordered for a Gamecock defense that has suffered since he went down. Dix is a player that is athletic enough to return kicks, but strong enough to play defensive line. Hopefully, Kevin Dix will take it as a personal challenge to lead the Gamecock defense in his return to action.

Anniston Star - Gamecocks get home playoff game

Anniston Star - Gamecocks get home playoff game

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wofford's Results

Wofford's results are below. They appear to be a formidable, but not unbeatable opponent. After dropping their season opener at Ohio, they won 9 of their next 10 with their only loss coming to Appalachian State. As far as common opponents go, they manhandled UTC, a team that the Gamecocks narrowly defeated.

Last night's disappointment aside, lets remember that our Gamecocks: 1) beat Ole Miss; 2) were undefeated at home; 3) didn't play any NAIA or D2 schools, picking up 3solid nonconference wins; 4) beat a SEMO team that was undefeated at the FCS level and 5) overcame some devastating injuries. Here are Wofford's results:

9/4/2010 7:00 pm Ohio University Athens, Ohio L 10-33
9/11/2010 1:30 pm Charleston Southern North Charleston, S.C. W 34-23
9/18/2010 7:00 pm Union (Ky.) Spartanburg, S.C. W 48-10
10/2/2010 1:30 pm * Furman Spartanburg, S.C. W 38-17
10/9/2010 6:00 pm * Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Ga. W 33-31
10/16/2010 1:30 pm * Western Carolina Spartanburg, S.C. W 45-14
10/23/2010 1:30 pm * Elon Elon, N.C. W 28-21
10/30/2010 1:30 pm * The Citadel Spartanburg, S.C. W 35-0
11/6/2010 3:00 pm * Samford Birmingham, Ala. W 10-3
/13/2010 3:00 pm * Appalachian State University Boone, N.C. L 13-43
11/20/2010 3:00 pm * Chattanooga Spartanburg, S.C. W 45-14 SoCon Champions

Jacksonville State vs. Wofford

Last night was a tough pill to swallow. However, after being left out of the playoffs for the past two years with teams that deserved to go, the Gamecocks received a nice draw. They will host a 9-2 Wofford team. The Gamecocks aren't going to get that OVC ring, but are still in the hunt for an even better ring.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on Playoff Tickets

We've had a couple of questions about playoff tickets and we wanted to take a moment to address them.

As we stated before - there are no comp tickets for the playoffs. That is a rule the NCAA has in place. The question came up about tickets for player's parents. The tickets have to be purchased, per the NCAA. The JSU Athletic Department will buy these tickets and give them to the player's parents.

If you are a club level or suite ticket holder, you should have received a letter in the mail detailing how to renew your tickets for the playoffs. Club level members - your tickets are $35, which includes food. Suite holders - tickets are $20 for each seat in the suite.

Student tickets will be $5. That is the minimum amount that the NCAA allows. All other seats in the stadium will be $20.

We'll find out in a few days about the playoff schedule. Meanwhile, let's support the team as they travel to Cookeville to play Tn Tech. Who's going?

Go Gamecocks!

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Antonio Bonner

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Antonio Bonner

Anniston Star - TTU spike not fooling Gamecocks

Anniston Star - TTU spike not fooling Gamecocks

Pisgah's Holley Signs With JSU


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jamal Young Update

The only negative on the great win Saturday night was the knee injury to Senior tailback, Jamal Young. As we've said many times on this blog, he is pound for pound the toughest running back in college football. While Young has not received a lot of publicity, without his efforts the Gamecocks may have dropped a couple of games this year.

Coach Crowe provided a general update in his OVC press conference today. Young is definitely out this week. There is a chance that his season is over; however, there appears to also be a chance that he could return sometime late in the playoffs. Lets hope its the latter.

Anniston Star - Gamecocks need one more win to be ‘true’ OVC champs

Anniston Star - Gamecocks need one more win to be ‘true’ OVC champs

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacksonville State University - Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Tenn Tech Game

Press Conference featuring Coach Crowe, Jason Horton, Curt Porter, Marques Ivory and James Esco.

Jacksonville State University - Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Tenn Tech Game

You Don't Have To Get All Mad About It

A good article from the SEMO paper about the game followed by some funny comments about the officiating. It just goes to show you that different fans have different perspectives. Many JSU fans thought we were jobbed by the officiating.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three thoughts after the SEMO win


One thing a successful coach will do it put his playmakers in a position to make plays. As JSU improved their record to 9-1, we got a chance to see playmakers in action last night. On defense, you had Jason Horton and Jamison Wadley making big plays all afternoon. Keginald Harris, TJ Heath, and Rodney Garrott also got in on the action and made things happen for us on D. On offense, we have to start with Marques “Cool Hand” Ivory when talking about playmakers. Marques stayed cool under pressure on the last drive. In fact, Ivory had a Redhawk defender holding his ankle as he made the winning touchdown pass.

On the winning play, you can’t leave out Alan Bonner who made a huge catch just inbounds in the end zone. Many could debate which was better; the pass or the catch. But that play never happens without a huge 29-yard catch from Jeff Cameron on 2nd and 31 with less than 2 minutes left.


The atmosphere of this game was electric. SEMO brought a bus with their fans to the game. They came really fired up, hoping to win an outright conference championship on Burgess-Snow Field. JSU players and fans were determined that wasn't going to happen. As the video says "This is OUR house". The Southerners worked hard all week getting ready for the game, then on game day must have loaded up on power bars and energy drinks, because they really showed up for the game. They played in the stands the entire game. The student section was rowdy. I hope no one sat in the student section expecting to sit down during the game. Our students have done a great job this year, and took it to the next level yesterday.

Winning the conference championship

Yesterday’s win was a great win, but doesn’t mean we’ve won the OVC. JSU has to win next week to reach their goal of the OVC championship. If you’ve been thinking of attending a road game, this is it. We should have a good crowd there. If we see that there will be a good number of Gamecock fans traveling to the game, we may try to get an organized effort to cheer on the team before the game. Stay tuned for more details.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jacksonville State University - No. 6 Gamecocks Use Another Comeback to Down No. 7 Redhawks

JSU's official recap of the game.

Jacksonville State University - No. 6 Gamecocks Use Another Comeback to Down No. 7 Redhawks

Gamecocks Win!!!

We will have more later, but five quick observations:

1) there is not a cooler quarterback under pressure in the country than Marques Ivory;

2) Tig had a coming out party tonight;

3) Can you believe A. Bonner is just a soph;

4) this team never quits and never stops believing; and

5) a great vocal, home crowd tonight.

Lets take over Cookeville, Tn. next weekend. WAY TO GO GAMECOCKS!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Notes from the Radio Show on Monday


-Coach Max Thurmond was there and talked about the defense
-We are healthy except for Kevin Dix. We are hoping he will be back for the Tn Tech game
-The team loves the interaction the band brings to the stadium. They bring a lot of energy, and so do the fans. Great job by the students this year.
-SGA President Tim Long announced that the spirit contest will be extended to the first home game of the playoffs (should there be a home playoff game – we’re counting on the football team for that)
-Also from Coach Thurmond – We’ve got to be ready to stop the run. We need our d-line and linebackers to be ready to hit and tackle.
-Semo’s smallest starting offensive lineman is 305. They try to push you out of the way.


-Coach Green and Coach Watts spoke about their basketball teams
-Coach Green talked about the exhibition game. He saw good things coming from his younger players. They started out slow, but got better as the game went along.
-Coach Watts talked about their exhibition game as well. They are a work in progress, but are getting better every day. This team will compete.
-Coach Watts also talked about developing her players as leaders on and off the court. Whenever she speaks, she takes what players are available with her. They get a chance to hear her speak of the team, brag on them, and gives them a chance to meet people in the community. We’ve already heard the impression this team has made on campus. Yesterday, in the cafeteria, I heard someone talking about Coach Watts addressing the crowd after the game on Sunday, then having the players go up into the stands and introduce themselves. This was a great move that was well-received.


-Ken Bodiford talked about the Southerers at the football games, HardCorps (Pep Band) at the basketball games, and the Southerners upcoming trip to London.
-The Southerners are preparing themselves to play this weekend like never before. Not only is it the Southerners Reunion, but the band said they will play as much as they can during the game this weekend. They are as committed to win the conference as the football team is.
-The HardCorps will bring the energy level up at the basketball games this year. The basketball coaches are even looking forward to it.
-The Southerners will be leading the Queen's New Years Parade in January 2012. It's an honor to be in the parade, but an incredible honor to lead the parade. You should be proud of your Southerners!


-Did you know you could sign up for the bus trip to the Tn Tech game? $60 include the ride and the ticket. Call the Athletic Office for more details.
-Do you know anyone not planning to be at the game this Saturday? Call and invite them. Be loud. Wear red. Go Gamecocks!

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Tyler Ogletree

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Tyler Ogletree

Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching Up With Gabriel Chambers.

In 2010, Jacksonville State probably had its best signing class in school history. There were several elite players in the group, including Coty Blanchard (Mr. Football in Alabama), highly rated offensive linemen Tristan Hardin and Preston Hatcher, JUCO All Stars Marquis George and Brannon Byrd, speedster Jeremy Nicholson and Mr. Mississippi football, Tig Barksdale. All of these players are either contributing right now or redshirting. However, one of the brightest stars of the 2010 class was Gabriel Chambers, a wide receiver from Cherokee County high school in Centre, Alabama. Unfortunately, because of NCAA clearinghouse issues, Chambers is not eligible this year and cannot practice with the team. However, he is enrolled at JSU and working hard for next year.

Gamecock fans have a lot to look forward to when Chambers is eligible to play in 2011. "Touchdown" or "Country" as he is known to friends, was part of the 2009 Cherokee County state championship team and put up some mind boggling stats. He had almost 1200 receiving yards, combined with over 190 rushing yards on just ll carries. His gridiron performance led to several post-season honors, including All-State, "Dirty Dozen" and being a member of Alabama's team in an elite 7 on 7 competition. Chambers also excelled in track, finishing second in the State in the 100 meter dash in Class 4A. Coach Fran Blanchard described Chambers as a player that "has the potential to score on almost every play."

Chambers took a break from his studies and his self-directed workouts to talk to about his recruitment, first year at JSU and goals for the future:

Q: What is your preferred nickname:

A: My main two nicknames are "Country" and "Touchdown."

Q: Who gave you the nickname Touchdown?

A: Coach Fran [Blanchard] always called me Touchdown. He coached me since I was little.

Q: Has it pretty much always been Coty at QB and you at receiver?

A: Basically, . . . [aside from a short time when Chambers played running back] its been all years him being quarterback and I've been receiver.

Q: Who is faster you or Coty?

A: [Laughing] Coty might have me. I used to run a 4.3, now I'm down to a 4.37. I'm trying to knock it down though.

Q: Why do you think your time has gone up just a bit?

A: I'm training hard every day, but I'm not able to practice every day. I'm just not consistent right now. On a bad day, . . . I will run like a 4.42, but on a good day I will run [in the 4.3s].

Q: You were part of an Elite 7 on 7 Team representing Alabama. Tell us about some of the guys you played against in that?

A: Da' Rick Rogers from Calhoun, Georgia [UT player] and Solomon Patton [Florida]. . . . We actually had only about three days to practice and [then we] went to Florida. It was a lot of talented receivers. I was put to the test because they were taller than me. Da' Rick is like 6-3 and I am only 5-8 so I had to prove that I could still do the same stuff he could do even though he is taller than me.

Q: How did you match up with Da' Rick?

A: I matched up pretty good. The only thing he has me on is the body size . . . and the height.

Q: Lets talk about your recruitment to Jacksonville State. Who are some other schools that recruited you?

A: Arkansas State. . . . I just jumped on them first, but JSU has always been there for me. My family went to JSU. . . . My top three came down to JSU, Arkansas State and Middle Tennessee.

Q: What Coach recruited you to Jacksonville State?

A: Coach Ogle was on me the most. But, Coach Wannebo, Coach Letson and Coach Crowe [also recruited me] . . . . During the recruiting stage, all of the coaches were right there showing me and Coty support.

Q: Are you excited to work with Gamecocks' receivers coach, Matt Wannebo?

A: I am blessed to get to work with Coach Wannebo. . . I still get to learn something every time I talk with him.

Q: How do you like Jacksonville State so far?

A: I love it. . . . Everybody here knows me. If someone sees me walking, I will hear someone say "Country" and I just throw my hand up!

Q: I am sure it is frustrating sitting out this year. What do you do on gameday?

A: I'm right there in the stands cheering the team on.

Q: What was it like to see your life long friend have such a great game at Ole Miss?

A: I grew up with Coty. I know when it's crunch time he's going to perform, he's not going to back down. He was in this situation before, in the state championship game, down to the last minute, Coty made a tremendous play. Its just like he repeats things he's already done, but just in a better way. He can do it [at] any level. . . I think he can do it on the next level too.

Q: We hear you made a great play in the State Championship game as well. Do you know what we are referring to?

A: [Yes, in the last minute of the game] We had just received a holding call [and it moved us back]. At the beginning of the play, I remember Coty was looking at me. When he looked at me a certain way, I know that he just wanted to chunk it and I was supposed to go out there and get it. I ran the fade route, it was not the best fade route I could run, . . . [the player on the other team grabbed the ball] but I knew I had to do it for my team . . . so I just took the ball from him and I kept my foot in bounds. That play set Coty up for the touchdown.

Q: How excited have you been about the Gamecocks' success this year?

A: I'm excited, but its also killing me because I'm supposed to be out there. . . . But, maybe it’s a good thing I'm sitting out because I have a chance to get faster, stronger and bigger.

Q: Tell us what you do since you are not permitted to practice with the team this year?

A: I am learning the playbook, so I can [compete] for the starting lineup next year. . . . When I'm not there, I work. I'm either in the weight room, doing some kind of conditioning drill, working on my speed, catching the ball. I have someone throw me like 100 balls a day. My cousin, Maurice Dupree [former Gamecock great] comes on Wednesdays and I throw and catch on Wednesday.

Q: What is Maurice doing now?

A: He just signed a contract to play Arena football.

Q: Has he given you advice on what it takes to succeed at the college level?

A: Coach Crowe told me . . . that Maurice said [that I was better than him]. That gave me expectations that I have to be better than him. I have set goals to break [some of Maurice's records] at Jacksonville State.

Q: What is your style of play as a wide receiver?

A: My style of play is [to get the defender] leaning one way and go the opposite way. I try to outrun people, I don't try to run people over that much [because of my size]. . . . I am constantly working to get better and better.

Q: I know you wore #4 in high school or you going to ask James Shaw to let you have it next year?

A: I had #4 since I was little. But, after something big like winning a state championship I was talking with my Mom and I was [saying] I think its time to give up [number 4]. I did pretty well with it in high school [winning a state championship]. So I think I'm going to switch to number 1.

Q: What are your personal goals for next year?

A: My first goal is to not let my teammates get down and to help them whenever they need my help. To be a leader. . . . Even though I will be a freshman next year, I don't want to go downhill. I want to always go forwards, not go backwards. I want to set goals. I want to beat Maurice's [records]. If I can't get it my first year, I want to do it before I get out of college.

Q: Last question, who would win a game of 2 on 2 basketball if you and Coty, the Cherokee County boys, played Marques Ivory and Kevyn Cooper, the Warner Robins boys?

A: [Laughing] Definitely, its going to be me and Coty! We have been playing with each other since we were little. We know where each other is going to be on the court. Coty is a pure shooter so I can just pass it. . . . So, of course, me and Coty would would win.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

EKU Post Mortem

Its tough when you win so much that any loss comes as a shock. A few thoughts on the loss:

*EKU is a different team when they are at home. They are undefeated at home this year and winless on the road;

*The Gamecocks loss came as a result of 7 plays: 4 long passes by EKU, a failed fake punt, an EKU kick return for a touchdown and an EKU fumble return for a touchdown.

*EKU only completed 6 passes, but 4 of those accounted for over 200 yards. One receiver had 205 of their 244 receiving yards.

*On 2 or 3 critical occassions, the Gamecocks just could not stop EKU on 3rd and 4th down conversions.

*The Gamecocks were really missing Kevin Dix. His ability to pressure the quarterback might have stopped 1 or 2 of those long passes.

*Overshadowed by the loss were amazing performances by Marques Ivory and the receivers, particularly Jeff Cameron. Ivory was 30-49 for 449 yards. Cameron had 10 catches for 190 yards.

*The Gamecocks running backs only carried it 12 times, but when you are having as much success as JSU was passing- why run. Calvin Middleton only had 1 carry. Lets hope he's healthy against SEMO.

*Next weekend is one of the biggest games in the last ten years for the Gamecocks. Everything is on the line: 1) a conference championship (JSU would still need to beat Tn. Tech); 2) playoff invititations, seeding and a possible bye week; and 3) pride. Invite your friends, family and everybody you know. Lets give the Gamecocks a 12th man on Saturday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Keginald Harris

A good article from the Jax Nexs on Keggie "Tru" Harris.

Jacksonville News - Up close and personal with Keginald Harris

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notes from the Gamecock Huddle Radio Show last night

Last night’s radio show featured Coach Ronnie Letson and JSU’s quarterbacks. We heard from all four; Marques Ivory, Coty Blanchard, Thomas Darrah, and Stephen Coates. We also heard from legendary Gamecock quarterback, Ed Lett.

Letson had a couple of lines about each quarterback as he introduced them. We’ve paraphrased his response here.

Ivory – Marques is in his first year as the full-time starter, but he’s had playing time before now. Marques is smart. He’s like having a coach on the field. He has great leadership skills and is respected by his teammates. He makes adjustments that keep us out of bad plays. Last week, Marques was 10-12 passing. One of those passes was dropped.

Blanchard – Coty has one of the highest passing efficiencies in the nation. He may not have enough pass attempts to qualify as a leader nationally, but he does everything we ask him. Last week, he completed all four pass attempts. Only one game, UT Martin, did Coty complete less than 60% of his passes. Coty keeps getting better each week.

Darrah – Thomas has made great strides this year. He had shoulder surgery shortly after arriving here and the healing process kept him out of spring drills. He’s feeling a lot better now. He got a chance to play a little in the past 2 games. He’s done well. It’s tough to try to get 3 quarterbacks worked into a rotation. Thomas has kept a great attitude and will contribute here. When (Stephen) Coates went down with an injury, Thomas went to the scout team to help us out. He didn’t complain and that means a lot.

Coates – Stephen was redshirted this year. When you have two freshmen quarterbacks, you have to redshirt one of them. With Blanchard being the punter, it just made sense to redshirt Stephen. He’s a great athlete. He’s grasping more and more of the offense. He will shine at JSU.

Marques on EKU…”We have to go in there focused. We have something to prove – we lost the last time we played there. We’re going to have to play hard.”

Cherokee County Herald - Jacksonville State remains No 2 in latest FCS football rankings

Cherokee County Herald - Jacksonville State remains No 2 in latest FCS football rankings

Anniston Star - The final month of the season will be key for the Gamecocks

Anniston Star - The final month of the season will be key for the Gamecocks

Monday, November 1, 2010

Playoff Tickets

Information was sent out today on playoff tickets. At 8-0, we're hoping the football team continues it's winning ways. If they do, we're sure to have playoff football at Burgess-Snow Field. How many playoff games can we have here? That's up to our football team.

Anything can happen, but the way it looks right now, we would get a bye in the first round of the playoffs, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The next Saturday, December 4th, would be a home playoff game. If we win that game, we could have one more home game before the championship game in TX.

Tickets for the home playoff games...Here is how it will work:
Since this is an NCAA Championship contest, there can be no complimentary tickets. This applies to students as well. Student tickets will be $5.

Suites - Suite owners will have use of their suite for the game. They will have to buy game tickets to use the suite. Those game tickets are $20. The same food arrangements apply to the playoff game that were in place for the regular season games. Menus will be sent to suite holders.
If you did not have a suite in the regular season, but would like one for the playoff game, game day suite packages are available. Please call the Athletic Department for more information.

Club Level - If you bought club level season tickets, you can get your club level ticket for the playoffs for $20 plus $15 for the buffet. This is sold as a package. The total is $35 per seat, up to the number of seats you had as season tickets. If you didn't have club level season tickets but would like club level seats for the playoffs, they are $125 per ticket.

All other tickets in JSU Stadium will be $20. Watch for more information on tickets. Gamecock Illustrated believes the best strategy is to get your tickets early. Avoid the long lines - Don't wait until the day of the game.

Go Cocks!