Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that the ESPN announcer Sunday during the Florida – Alabama game mentioned that Alabama’s pitcher, Kelsi Dunne pitched no-hitters against “Jackson State” in the super regional? I wish I had a nickel for every time that happened. Speaking of softball, HERE is a link to the slideshow from the Cleburne News.
What went on at the annual OVC Spring Meeting? Mostly putting in place some cost-cutting measures, like eliminating in-person media days for football and basketball. Annual coaching group meetings will now be held via teleconference. HERE is a link with a review.

Institutional Sportsmanship Award –
If you’re interested, Eastern Kentucky won the OVC Institutional Sportsmanship Award. HERE is your link.
“the award goes to the Conference institution selected by its peers to have best exhibited the standards of sportsmanship and ethical conduct as outlined by the OVC and NCAA.”

Football –
HERE is a side-by-side comparison of a few preseason football polls. A little entertaining, but I wouldn’t put too much stock on it yet. I’m sure several rosters will change by the time school starts back in the fall.

Another football article HERE.
An inside look at “money” games for FCS schools. Like so many of you, I’d like to see Auburn or Alabama schedule JSU in the near future. They are both paying UT-Chattanooga soon.

HERE is a review/preview for men’s basketball.
It’s a little old, but still good information. We hope to talk to some of the basketball staff this summer to get a better insight to next season. We’ll post it as soon as it happens.

From the NCAA website, here are some other Schools' APR scores. I'm not smart enough to understand why JSU is being penalized and these schools are not: East Carolina (basketball 879); FAU (golf 884); Idaho St. (bball 897; football 876); Indiana (bball 866); Iowa State (bball 877); Kansas State (bball 900); Kennesaw State (bball 846); La. Tech (bball 865); Mcneese State (baseball 889; bball 889); New Mexico State (bball 848) Nichols St. (baseball 886; bball 875, football 880); Portland St. (bball 867); Purdue (bball 906); Southern Utah (baseball 889; bball 880); San Jose t. (football 888); Se La. (baseball 890; bball 866); Southern (baseball 875; bball 842; football 895); Temple (football 891); UAB (football 875, bball 863); UC Santa Barbara (bball 872); Central Arkansas (bball 882); Cincinatti (bball 902); Idaho (bball 899); La. Lafayette (bball 886); UL Monroe (bball 848); New Orleans (bball 868; baseball 874); UT Pan Am (baseball 836); South Car. (bball 909); So. Cal. (bball 906); USF (bball 878; football 909); Toledo (football 908); Weber State (football 881; bball 897); West. Illinois (bball 887). So many are getting exemptions...


  1. How can we be penalized when UAB, Weber St., Temple, Idaho State, Nichols tate, Southern all had football scores right around ours and they are postseason eligible?

  2. Here's another one. Florida Int'l 873, 874 and 904 for baseball, basketball and football respectively. No ban on post-season play. Whoever decides the waivers must dislike JSU.

  3. It is the system that is messed up. It's not equitable for the smaller schools. A one size fits all solution doesn't work.
    I believe that our football graduation rate is fairly close to the general student population.

  4. The Star moved to a new server, so the softball slideshow link above is broken. But if you change the domain from "annistonstar" to "cleburnenews" the link will work.

  5. "How can we be penalized when UAB, Weber St., Temple, Idaho State, Nichols tate, Southern all had football scores right around ours and they are postseason eligible?"

    Most of the ones you asked about have not yet reached three years in a row. If you look at the apr reports for the others, it lists the reasons they received an exemption.

  6. Thanks for letting me know about the Anniston Star link. It is fixed now.

  7. In response to the 10:22 pm comment- aren't the aprs listed on the report based on a multi year average? If so, it seems like by definition these schools would have had previous problems. As to the reasons for exemption, JSU graduates football players at a higher rate than the general student body which is the reason many of these schools were given an exemption . Further, the apr took a hit one year because of JSU's strict disciplinary policies related to certain issues. It seems to me that if there was ever grounds for an ncaa waiver that would qualify.

  8. The APR number is a multi-year average. The first year your multi-year average is low, you can have reduced scholarships and get a public notice. The second year your multi-year averave is low, you are subject to reduced practice time. The third year your multi-year average is low, you are subject to a post-season ban.

    I have not searched through all of them, but I believe USA Today had an article in the fall that said 9 programs were subject to the three-year penalty this year. It looks like 6 of those received a waiver.

    It should be noted also that last year JSU received a waiver from the reduced practice time two-year penalty. JSUs one year APR last year was the highest ever. This year, the single year APR was the lowest ever.