Saturday, November 21, 2009

September 4, 2010 Oxford, Mississippi

We can't wait. Here is a look at the key losses from this year's team and key returning players:

QB: Key loss: The best QB in the country at any level, Ryan Perrilloux.

Key Returning Players: M. Ivory has shown he can do it all year. He had a good showing against Tech. Brooks Robinson is also ready and is a superb athlete.

RB: Key loss: None.

Key Returning Players: Calving Middleton. He is a classis hard hitting Gamecock Runner. Jamal Young, the talented scatback gives JSU another dimension. Drec Lindley, Richard Freelon, Brandon George and Donald Prince (hopefully) will be in the mix as well.

FB: Key loss: None.

Key Returning Players: Alphonso Freeney and Jahron Brown. Brown may be the most highly recruited player to play FB for the Cocks. He showed some flashes this year. Freeney is a workhorse and very good receiver.

TE: Key Loss: None.

Key Returning Players: Freeman is a bruiser and Justin Howard had a great 2009.

Offensive Line: Key Loss: Reggie Wade, Center. Wade is a great player and will be missed. Josh Carroll (a great Gamecock)

Key Returning Players: All of the starters on the offensive line are back except Reggie Wade. Curt Porter could be a dominant left tackle. Colt Kennedy and Ricky Clemons will be coming off redshirts. Juggernaut Lashus and Devon Hayes should provide depth.

Wide Receiver: Key losses: Greg Smith, Jeff Wilkerson. Two great receivers. Wilkerson quietly became one of the top receivers in JSU history.

Key Returning Players: This is a spot loaded with playmakers: James Shaw, La Ray Williams and Alan Bonner are all back. John Houston Whiddon will return from a medical redshirt. Jeff Cameron will be back from a redshirty year. Also, Whiddon's younger brother, Rayce should be ready to contribute. I don't think it will happen, but I'd love to see T.J. Heath and A.J. Davis get some work next year on the offensive side of the ball.

Defensive Line: Key losses: Brandt Thomas (one of the best in Gamecock history); Santez Mays (a great Gamecock).

Key Returning Players: Kevin Dix (NFL talent); Torrey Davis (NFL talent); Texas Garrott, Monte Lewis (could be the best to play the position at JSU); Jamison Wadley (playmaker); Michael Ellis, Demitrio Tyson. If everybody does what they need to do academically, this will be an absolute strength for the Gamecocks in 2009.

Linebackers: Key losses: The tackling machine, Alexander Henderson. One of the greatest to play the position at JSU.

Key Returning Players: Certified Bonecrusher, Morrell Jones, Andrew Ridgeway (started about 48 games already), Eric Russell. JSU developed some depth this year with Chris Finley, Nick Johnson and Jason Horton. These guys will need to play bigger roles in 2010.

Corners: Key losses: None.
Key Returning Players: I'll take Booker, AJ Davis and TJ Heath as my corners any day of the week. JSU needs some young guys to step up and provide depth.

Safety: Key losses: Josh Cain (2nd leading tackler), Cleezy Clark (pre-season All American) Michael Owens. It will be tough to replace these guys.

Key Returning Players: Keginald Harris. Keg showed he could play when Clark went out with an injury. It looks like we will really be searching to find a second safety.


  1. Special Teams: Loss Josh Carroll. He snapped every PAT and FG for the last four years.

  2. Brandon Rogers can do that

  3. We apologize for not mentioning special teams. That is a huge part of the team, and we recognize Josh Carroll's accomplishments. Back in the spring, we interviewed him, early on in our endeavor with this blog. We are proud that Josh is a Gamecock, and contributed for four years. In addition to the snaps, he also provided a very capable back up to Reggie Wade. He will be missed.