Sunday, October 24, 2010

Devon Hayes!!!

Who was that big body playing left guard for the Gamecocks on Saturday? None other than Devon Hayes, the big lineman from Lineville, Alabama. With an injury to the Vestavian Nightmare, Justin Kay, Hayes received his first career start (and to our knowledge first significant playing time). We don't know how Hayes graded out, but the Gamecocks ran the ball at will on Peay so he must have done pretty well.

Congrats to Devon Hayes for sticking with it and stepping up when his name was called.

Its been mentioned before, but the offensive line this year is an amazing story. On Saturday, the Gamecocks were minus THREE PRE-SEASON STARTERS (Chambers, M. Jones and Kay), yet still dominated. Somebody is doing some coaching.


  1. they are getting coached by curt porter

  2. Smouse For President!!!

  3. Will the Nightmare be back after this week off? How is he doing?