Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just the Facts: Could JSU Compete Athletically In the Sunbelt?

As a potential move is contemplated, many speculate over whether JSU could compete with the teams in the Sunbelt. Here is an analysis of games against SBC opponents in the last three seasons* (did not look at current year because seasons are ongoing):

Softball: JSU is 3-2. (Wins over Western Ky., MTSU and USA, Losses to MTSU and USA).

Baseball: JSU is 8-3. (Note- this record is padded heavily by dominance over MTSU).

Mens' Tennis: JSU is 1-2.

Womens' Tennis: JSU is 0-3.

Mens' Basketball: JSU is 0-1. (did not include victory over Georgia State because I do not think they were in SBC at the time).

Womens' Basketball: JSU is 1-2.

Soccer: JSU is 0-1.

Volleyball: JSU is 1-0. (did not include losses to Georgia State and North Texas because I do not think they were in the SBC at the time).

Football: No games. JSU is 2-0 against Georgia State, but it was pre-Sunbelt. JSU also defeated Arkansas State and Louisana Monroe the last time they played, but it has been several years.

Mens Golf, Womens' Golf, Rifle, Track and Cross Country: Did not analyze. In some instances, based on the format of the competitions it is difficult to determine who should go where.

Note- in all likelihood, a game or two could have been missed in looking back at the old schedules. If we missed a game, let us know and we will correct it.



    Link tells you what the Sunbelt fans, mainly the Troy idiots, think...

  2. This link tells you everything you need to know about what the Sun Belt fans think. Troy and USA fans are spewing hate...