Wednesday, March 17, 2010

25 Years Ago Yesterday

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Melvin Allen sinks a buzzer shot to lift his Jacksonville State Gamecocks to an 80-79 victory over Southeast Missouri State University Indians in the NCAA Division II quarterfinal game before 2,750 fans in steamy Houck Field House; the shot wipes out an incredible performance by Southeast's Ronny Rankin, who scores 41 points, and ends the Indians' season. note: I remember this from my days on campus vividly. We had a great season and had some good intense crowds at the home games. Someone ought to do a study and figure out what we were doing then that we aren't doing now in terms of promoting student and local community interest.

I remember a local tv station had Melvin reenact the shot a few days later and it took him several tries with no one guarding him to make it. That basketball team also featured Earl Warren, a great player, that now works in development for JSU. Another player on the team was Keith McKeller who later went on to have a long NFL career with the Buffalo Bills. Those were the days.


  1. I'm not sure promotion is the problem. Product is the problem.
    Back then we were
    A)We were winning games consistantly
    B)We were playing schools our students were familiar with.

  2. Promotions:
    1)Honor team for 25 year reunion of championship
    2)Student slam-dunk contest at halftime

  3. Promotion is a HUGE problem with the JSU Athletic Department -- last year's football fan day was announced 4 pm on the Friday prior to the event on Sunday so many people couldn't attend.

    Even this year's J Day was promoted some but they could have had it out on facebook and twitter instead again of the week of to say "Please come."

    Pitiful...we want to "Step Up" with facilities but until we "Step Up" with our marketing -- we'll always have empty stands -- win or lose.