Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marques Ivory Leads "The Drive"

In NFL circles, "The Drive" refers to a playoff game between the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos in January 1987. John Elway led the Broncos on a 98 yard drive, lasting just over 5 minutes, to tie the game with 23 seconds left - a game that the Broncos won in overtime. For more details, you can click here.

Just as Elway led the Broncos that day, Marques Ivory, whom we have called "Cool Hand" Ivory, showed great leadership and ability against a defense that knew what he would be doing: passing the ball and looking for a touchdown. After a kickoff return by Jamal Young, Ivory led the team out to the huddle with 2:49 left on the game clock, 71 yards away from the end zone. The next 9 plays were passes from Ivory, who indeed stayed cool under the pressure. Out of the 9 passes, 7 were completed to 5 different receivers.

Two huge plays Ivory connected on should be on the highlight reel for this game. First - a 4th down and 11 play from midfield, where Ivory found La'Ray Williams for 12 yards. Credit also goes to La'Ray on this one. We needed 11, and he got us 12. The second huge play was the pass to Alan Bonner that found the end zone. Great pass from "Cool Hand" Ivory - great catch and score from Bonner.

After the score, JSU has to go for 2 to tie the game. Ivory finds La'Ray Williams in the back of the end zone with the pass to tie the score. With that play, Ivory was 8 for 10 in passing, against a defense that KNEW he would be passing. Very impressive.

Of course by now, you know the rest of the story. So now, we have "The JSU Drive", thanks to Marques Ivory leading the way.


  1. Great Job Ques. You Led The Way! Go Gamecocks!

  2. Great job Marques Ivory and the Gamecocks team!!!