Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Observations After Week 4

As everyone knows, its been a crazy four weeks. The bottom line is its great to be 4 and 0. We would love to hear thoughts from our readers, here are a few random observations:

*The first two weeks of the season were unbelievable- a historic win over an SEC foe, followed by the largest, most vibrant crowd in Jacksonville State history.

*While the Gamecocks may not be winning with style points, it is important to note that three of the wins have come on the road. Usually, only good teams win on the road.

*With each week that passes, Marques Ivory seems to play better and better. A first quarter interception against EIU aside, he has been unbelievably efficient the last two weeks. Coty is providing a spark every week. It does seem like Coty's running is more of a threat when the other team fears he might pass it as well. It was great to see Coty get a couple of throws against EIU, he barely missed hooking up with Kevyn Cooper on a long pass.

*The offensive line seems to be coming together after suffering two devastating pre-season injuries (2 yr. starter Matt Jones and All-American Tylor Chambers). The line protected Ivory and Blanchard all day long and the Gamecocks ran it well.

*Hats off to Coach Wannebo on the play of the receivers. After a few drops in the 3rd quarter against Ole Miss, they have caught everything thrown their way. Ivory seems to have found a comfort zone with John Houston Whiddon, who is leading the team in catches after sitting out with an injury last year. Don't know the status of La Ray Williams who has sat out the last couple of weeks with an undisclosed injury.

*The Gamecocks are really utilizing the tight end on offense. Freeman and Justin Howard are both getting open and catching a lot of balls.

*Not having Calvin Middleton the last couple of weeks has been tough. He is a back capable of wearing the opposition down; however, Jamal Young has been the man playing remarkably well after the fumble against UTC. While Tig hasn't broken one yet, its only a matter of time before he busts up the middle for a long one.

*Speaking of UTC, that is shaping up to be a really nice win for Jacksonville State. After losing tight games to Jacksonville State and Appalachian, the Mocs have reeled off wins against Eastern Kentucky and Western Carolina. If the Gamecocks can run the table (and that's a big if), the wins over Ole Miss and UTC will really help for post-season seeding purposes.

*With all of the good about the offense, red zone inefficiency is what has caused the last two games to be tight. The Cocks had 3 trips inside EIU's 30 which resulted in no points.

*Defensively, Jacksonville State is an enigma. At times we look dominant (see UTC), other times not so much (see Georgia State). His teammates rave about his athletic ability, but Monte Lewis has been relatively quiet so far. Perhaps, other teams are doubling him. One mystery is where is Eric Russell? The talented linebacker played a ton last year. Likewise, we thought the linebacking corps would get a lot of help from Rashad Smith and Mike Whittier, but neither has played much (Whittier may have eligibility issues after transferring from South Dakota). On offense, Jahron Brown, a talented fullback from Paudling County, is still MIA.

*This is a huge week for the Gamecocks. Murray State comes to town. Murray destroyed UT Martin last week and appears much improved under first year coach, Chris Hatcher. Hopefully, a big crowd will be there to support the Gamecocks.


  1. It seems as though our offense is most productive when marques and coty alternate plays on a given drive. I guess it keeps the opposing defense on their heels.

    Whats the ETA on Darrah? Will he ever get to play? What about Calvin?

    JHW has really delivered when we have needed a big play this season. So glad to have him back.

    If you can get over the ugliness of the wins, and accept them as just WINS, it makes being 4-0 so much sweeter as a gamecock fan.

  2. Does changing qb's too much hurt our red zone efficiency? Are the qb's looking over their shoulders? Do we have an offensive line that can play smash mouth?

  3. I thought Rashad Smith may be redshirted, but he played against GA State. If we are going to play him that infrequently, shouldn't he have been redshirted?