Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Football Banquet Awards

The Gamecocks had their season ending banquet last weekend. Here are the award winners:

Offensive MVP: Jamal Young

Defensive MVP: Rodney Garrott

Special Teams MVP: Brooks Robinson

Academic Award: Jason Horton

Foxhole Award: Cory Freeman

Character Award: Curt Porter

Losing Jamal Young towards the end of the season was a tough blow. He provided big play potential and was a receiving threat out of the backfield. One wonders if Tennessee Tech or Wofford might have come out differently with him on the field.


  1. Keep the inside info coming! The athletic department should do a release of this info to keep fans/alumni engaged.

  2. thank you for NOT posting the scout team awards!!! Thoses scoutteamers only go against the starters everyday with very few breaks in practice

  3. Hey- PLEASE send us an email with the Scout Team awards or add it as a comment. We would love to publish it. Sorry it wasn't in there already, we just posted what we had. Thanks.

  4. Scout Offense Player of the Year-Jordan Allen
    Scout Defense Player of the Year- Eric Russell

  5. I guess Antonio Bonner didn't have any effect on the team while he was there for five years? Shocking... I herd he was the only non qualifier out of fourteen players that sign back in 2006 that made it to his senior year.. Some reason Jacksonville never said anything about him?? I met him plenty of times and he has his head on right and seems to always be focus.. I have a great feeling we will hear more about this bright young men in the future..

  6. We are just fans, but we loved Antonio Bonner. I think he led the team in tackles this year and played his heart out against Wofford. He and Morrell Jones will be missed from the linebacking group. We also interviewed Antonio one time and he seemed like a great, team first guy. I hope he makes it big in pro football or whatever he does.