Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gamecocks Pre Kentucky Press Conference

Some interesting comments at the press conference yesterday that featured Coach Crowe, Brooks Robinson, Monte Lewis and Coty Blanchard. Note- comments are paraphrased unless otherwise noted.

On Playing Kentucky, An SEC Team:

*Coach Crowe emphasized that the Gamecocks must get off to a good start and not get down early.

*Coach Crowe said that some of Kentucky's offensive problems have been caused by inconsistency on the line of scrimmage.

*Coach Crowe: "Can we beat them? Yes, we can beat them." . . . "We have a handful of players as good or better than [Kentucky players]. We have some players that will be overmatched."

*Monte Lewis: "We have to have the mindset that we are going to go in there and get the job done."

Crowe on the improved defense:

Against Austin Peay, we were doing what we wanted to do on defense. Creating pressure with our front four and playing tight coverage. We are finally starting to see during games what we have been seeing in practice.

Crowe on the conference race:

"We have a chance to play the final four games and determine who is going to wear the ring on their finger."

Crowe on Coty Blanchard:

"Coty's best football is next week and the week after . . . He's still going thru spring training. . . . Coty is getting better every time he goes out there" Coach Crowe was also very complimentary of offensive coordinator Ronnie Letson in the manner that he has adjusted JSU's offense to compliment Coty's skills and compensate for offensive line injuries.

Crowe on Washaun Ealey:

Crowe did not bring him to the press conference because he did not want him to be the focus given his previous success against Kentucky (5 tds last year). Crowe noted that it has been a transition for Ealey coming to this level and that he left a lot of plays out on the field when he first started, but then stated: "His will and heart has become that of ours. He is a really special talent." Crowe also noted that Ealey is very analytical when it comes to the Gamecocks offense.

Crowe on Safety, Pierre Warren:

Pierre Warren is talented. He is so talented that we had to move an all conference safety [Keginald Harris] to linebacker.


  1. * We had to move an all conference safety [Keginald Harris] to linebacker.

  2. Have some fun at Kentucky's expense: