Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RIP Joe Haynie- A Great Gamecock

The Gamecocks lost a great one with the passing of former quarterback, Joe Haynie. Former Gamecock Fran Blanchard wrote this about Mr. Haynie's passing on the Gamecock message board and gave us permission to republish it:

"The Gamecock Nation lost an amazing Man and Great Quarterback this past weekend to cancer. My dear friend, Joe Haynie, fought an amazing fight for many years against this terrible disease. He battled it like only a true Gamecock would...till the last breath.

I have known Joe for 31 years and I was always star struck by his presence. I actually played a few flag football games with him after my senior year of college. He could throw the fire out of a football. You always knew who was in control of that huddle, even during a flag football game.

Joe served as our J Club President for two years and was tireless in his efforts to make JSU what it is today. His vision was amazing and he had the ability to make people see past the small picture and on to bigger things.

I saw Joe during the EKU game and he looked wonderful. He told me then that he was going to lick this disease if it killed him! He was funny all the way to the end.

I took it for granted that I would be seeing Joe again before Christmas. I had an idea to get ALL of the JSU Quarterbacks to sign a helmet, and then raffle it off during the golf tournament. I am compiling addresses now in order to get this helmet to each of them. There will only be 1 helmet and Joe was going to be my first signature. It pains me to finish this post as it makes me very emotional as I know Joe loved this idea. I am very sorry that this helmet will be without our 1964 Gamecock Q.B.

I love you Joe!! You were, are and will always be my idol my dear friend. Heaven just got a new Quarterback to run their offense...they got a GREAT ONE!

I will post the arrangements as soon as I get them for all of you that know Joe. Please keep his family in your prayers and I urge you to call an old friend today and tell them you love them- you may not have tomorrow.

My love to ALL the Gamecock Nation and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving."

Sincerely, Fran

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