Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking For A Pony

The cold reality that our defense is probably not good enough to compete for a title this year is staring me right in the face.  Nevertheless, in an attempt to be optimistic, here are a few silver linings:

*Saw that Martez House played on Saturday. House was listed as a co-starter coming out of summer camp and suffered a freak foot injury.  That injury necessitated Adam Wright moving from offense to defense.

*Leaving everything else aside, if someone would have told me the Gamecocks were going to turn it over four times, including a pick six, on Saturday I would have known we were going to lose.  If the offense stays on the field, it helps the defense.

*EKU was something like 7 out of 11 on third downs.  If JSU can improve on this stat, and that's a big if, we might have a chance.

*While it appears the Gamecocs bring out the best in opposing offenses, EKU is probably more talented than any other OVC team on that side of the ball.   In pre-season we wrote about the fact that they have four pro prospects- two offensive tackles, Denham and Tyrone Goard.

*Lets stay behind the team and get after SEMO this weekend.


  1. JSU may have the best facilities and athletes in the FCS, yet our "big-time" want-to-be program has settled for a defensive coodinator from a school we used to beat with our eyes closed! If the football team is going to continue to recruit these talented young men and be taken seriously at the FBS level then it has to start on the sideline.

    The lack of defence is not a this season problem. Looking back this team is 3-5 in it's last 8 games played, with two of the wins being 1 point victories.

    Our soldiers need a new General... NOW!

  2. Yeah, If we can get pressure on the quaterback then the secondary has a chance. We did not even blitz not one time against EKU. The D-line and linebackers were not effective at all. By the time the safetys came up they already had a 7 to 10 yard gain. I think its time to scrap the 3-4 defense and go with a 4-3 defense...

  3. Red Bandits have left the building...If you can't stop someone from scoring, then time to re-think the game plan.... I agree with the above, defense has been a problem for several years...