Wednesday, September 5, 2012

JSU couldn’t bring home the bacon

JSU couldn’t bring home the bacon: FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The Jacksonville State football team put an early scare into 10th ranked Arkansas and its 71,062 fans on Saturday night, but the high-octane Razorbacks handed the Gamecocks a 4...


  1. Good coverage today in the Anniston Star of Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Tulane, and Florida. If you wanted to read about JSU, you needed to come to Gamecock Illustrated. Thanks for nothing Star.

  2. @8:51. We definitely would love to see more JSU coverage, but I can't be overly critical of the Star. Al is a fantastic writer and puts out dozens of stories a year on the Gamecocks. I believe the Star is the only media outlet that regularly covers the Gamecocks. My biggest concern is it seems like there is some rift between whoever tweets for the Star and our SID office. I'm sure there are points on both sides- and you have to recognize that the Star is not a pr vehicle for the University- but, can't we all just get along.