Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keep Hope Alive

Emotionally devastating loss last weekend.  While the odds are long, the Gamecocks still have a lot to play for this season.  Essentially, the Gamecocks need to win out and hope that the other teams in the league have two losses. Here is a look at whats in front of each of the contenders:

TENNESSEE STATE - currently undefeated:

@ Jacksonville State, Tennessee Tech, @ Murray, UTM.

EASTERN KENTUCKY- currently one conference loss:

@ Tennessee Tech, Eastern Illinois, @ SEMO, Murray State.

EASTERN ILLINOIS- currently one conference loss:

@EKU, Tennessee Tech, SEMO.

UTM- currently one conference loss:

@ SEMO, Jacksonville State, @ Tennessee Tech, Tennessee State


First off, the Gamecocks running the table is anything but a given.  Even if JSU upsets TSU, they still have a game against a very good Martin team and unpredictable Murray State. 

Second, JSU fans need to become big fans of Tennessee Tech.  If they get hot and beat EKU and/or Tennessee State, it would do wonders for JSU's chances.

Third, what an amazing break that EIU and Tennessee State don't have to play each other.  What I don't know is whether if these teams finish with two losses, but one less win, whether they get to share in the title with a team that plays a full OVC schedule and finishes with two losses.


  1. So having a 3 way tie for the Conference is ok.... Sorry, but if you can't win it out right you should not be a conference champion....


  2. JSU does not make the rules, the OVC does. If we share in a title, that's not as good as winning it outright, but a lot better than not winning it at all. If memory serves, a team from Alabama didn't even win its five team division last year and still got to play for a national championship.

  3. When looking for an excuse anyone will do...

  4. We are not talking about a National Champion...we are talking about playing up to standard week in and week out... Not up and down like a roller coaster...