Thursday, October 8, 2009

Keys to the Murray State game

1) Don't be over confident. You can't take any team too lightly. There have been times in the OVC that JSU has fallen victim to the upset. Play hard on every play and take care of business.

2) Pass Defense. Murray State hasn't run the ball very well this season, so look for them to go to the air. Can TJ Heath have another game like he had last week? Can Jawan Booker or AJ Davis get in on the action?

3) Murray State's Austen Lane comes in at 6'7", 270 lbs, and has 4 sacks on the year at DE. He is a preseason All American and the preseason OVC Defensive Player of the Year. Curt Porter must match up with him and give RP time to throw.

4) Jump on them early. Murray hasn't done much this year and in all likelihood has a fragile psyche. If JSU can dominate early, Murray might collapse.

5) ????- We can't come up with another key. Anyone else have some ideas?


  1. D-line put pressure on the QB #31 Santez Mays, #99 Torrey Davis, #92 Brandt Thomas. These guys are gonna do the job.

  2. I'm hoping sackmaster Kevin Dix has another big game.

  3. These are individual keys but I'd like to see:

    1) RP get 5 more TD's to keep his momentum going for the Payton award;

    2) JSU get so far ahead that Kevin Dix could play some safety;

    3) Josh or Cleezy get a pick. TJ can't get all the glory!

    4) Middleton get another 100 yard game.

  4. Dix returns some punts!!!