Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick Hits from the Murray Game

*Watching a game on the computer must be a lot like the early days of TV. Its better than nothing though;

*Favorite play of the game: fake punt by Rod Byrd. Rod lowered his shoulder at the end of the play on a Murray defender;

*What was Murray thinking when they went for it on 4th and 1 from on their own 40. Torrey Davis blew up the middle and there were about 4 Gamecocks, includling Alexander Henderson, in the Murray backfield;

*It was great to see Brandon George in action. George had about seven carries and caught the ball out of the backfield. He is a hybrid between the speed of Jamal Young and the power of Calvin Middleton. I can't wait for Drec Lindley to get back. Surely he will be ready after the off week.

*Murray tried a reverse. Trio Tyson stayed home and made the tackle just like he did against FSU;

*What's the record for picks in a season? TJ Heath has 5 now. He has a personal goal of one every game. Josh Cain also grabbed his first pick of the season. Good quote from Cain in the Star: "There's just a focus on this defense that I've never seen before and it just kind of feeds.";

*Ryan Perrilloux had a career day passing. If he's not on the short list for the Payton, there is a problem. I like Ryan's quote in the Star: "This wasn't all flowers and strawberries." It was great to see Ivory come in and lead the team to a touchdown. The future is bright.

*Tight End Justin Howard had another TD. What is the record for TD catches in a season by a JSU tight end?

*Sackmaster Kevin Dix added half a sack, but Santez Mays got in on the action as well. If things go well, we will have a Q&A with Tez this week;

*Greg Smith and James Shaw had big games catching the ball. Smith has been patient waiting on his chances this year. Shaw may be the best JSU receiver at getting yards after the catch. We will have an interview with Wide Receivers Coach Matt Wannebo later this week;

*JSU will probably still not be in the Top 10 after this game. If there are 10 teams in FCS better than the Cocks, I'll eat my hat. EIU lost to Penn State 52-3. Maybe JSU can beat them 53-3.


  1. the stats say Santez Mays had 3 sacks

  2. I'm still have reservations about Ivory. I understand he is no RP, and that he is young, but I just don't know. Lets hope who he sheds about 20 lbs in the off season.