Sunday, November 7, 2010

EKU Post Mortem

Its tough when you win so much that any loss comes as a shock. A few thoughts on the loss:

*EKU is a different team when they are at home. They are undefeated at home this year and winless on the road;

*The Gamecocks loss came as a result of 7 plays: 4 long passes by EKU, a failed fake punt, an EKU kick return for a touchdown and an EKU fumble return for a touchdown.

*EKU only completed 6 passes, but 4 of those accounted for over 200 yards. One receiver had 205 of their 244 receiving yards.

*On 2 or 3 critical occassions, the Gamecocks just could not stop EKU on 3rd and 4th down conversions.

*The Gamecocks were really missing Kevin Dix. His ability to pressure the quarterback might have stopped 1 or 2 of those long passes.

*Overshadowed by the loss were amazing performances by Marques Ivory and the receivers, particularly Jeff Cameron. Ivory was 30-49 for 449 yards. Cameron had 10 catches for 190 yards.

*The Gamecocks running backs only carried it 12 times, but when you are having as much success as JSU was passing- why run. Calvin Middleton only had 1 carry. Lets hope he's healthy against SEMO.

*Next weekend is one of the biggest games in the last ten years for the Gamecocks. Everything is on the line: 1) a conference championship (JSU would still need to beat Tn. Tech); 2) playoff invititations, seeding and a possible bye week; and 3) pride. Invite your friends, family and everybody you know. Lets give the Gamecocks a 12th man on Saturday!


  1. great summary -- and I DO BELIEVE these guys will rebound next week. I see no reason to let one loss steal what has been a wonderful season. There is still much life left in this team and there are still more great games to go. Kudos to Ivory and Cameron - they did some amazing things Saturday night. Go Gamecocks!

  2. Has anyone found out if Parents will have to purchase playoff tickets? We need t get that info as soon as possible so in order to make plans.

  3. We will get the official word tomorrow. The AD is out of town. Please stay tuned.