Monday, November 1, 2010

Playoff Tickets

Information was sent out today on playoff tickets. At 8-0, we're hoping the football team continues it's winning ways. If they do, we're sure to have playoff football at Burgess-Snow Field. How many playoff games can we have here? That's up to our football team.

Anything can happen, but the way it looks right now, we would get a bye in the first round of the playoffs, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The next Saturday, December 4th, would be a home playoff game. If we win that game, we could have one more home game before the championship game in TX.

Tickets for the home playoff games...Here is how it will work:
Since this is an NCAA Championship contest, there can be no complimentary tickets. This applies to students as well. Student tickets will be $5.

Suites - Suite owners will have use of their suite for the game. They will have to buy game tickets to use the suite. Those game tickets are $20. The same food arrangements apply to the playoff game that were in place for the regular season games. Menus will be sent to suite holders.
If you did not have a suite in the regular season, but would like one for the playoff game, game day suite packages are available. Please call the Athletic Department for more information.

Club Level - If you bought club level season tickets, you can get your club level ticket for the playoffs for $20 plus $15 for the buffet. This is sold as a package. The total is $35 per seat, up to the number of seats you had as season tickets. If you didn't have club level season tickets but would like club level seats for the playoffs, they are $125 per ticket.

All other tickets in JSU Stadium will be $20. Watch for more information on tickets. Gamecock Illustrated believes the best strategy is to get your tickets early. Avoid the long lines - Don't wait until the day of the game.

Go Cocks!


  1. Does that mean the players don't get tickets?

  2. We didn't ask that question. The AD said no complimentary tickets, but player tickets may be an exception. We're sure that you'll get an answer soon on that one.

  3. What about children's tickets? Same rules apply as for regular games, or do we need to plan on paying for the little ones?

  4. Here is a link to the NCAA Handbook

    The minimum ticket prices shall be $10 for reserved seating and $6 for general admission.
    A $5 student general admission ticket, with student identification card, is permissible for grade school, high-school and college students for first-round, quarterfinal and semifinal games. All playoff tickets, however, shall not be less than the regular-season ticket prices of the host institution.