Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crowe Identifies 11 Newcomers Ready to Make an Impact

Last night, Coach Crowe identified 11 newcomers ready to make an impact:

Junior Hough (pronounced Huff), CB:  When you look up "baller" in the dictionairy, it has Hough's picture.

Sean Broughton, DB:  Hough's Lovejoy teammate.  When I asked an insider about Hough, he told me that Broughton might be even better.

Buster Pope, RB:  Washaun Ealey may not be the best running back on the Gamecock roster.  I said "may."

Martez House, DL:  A Florida boy that the Gamecocks signed late in the 2011 signing class.  He could start.

Markis Merrill, WR:  An SEC wide receiver playing in an FCS program.

Erik Butler, DL:  The Cocks found a diamond in the rough in this very tall DL.  Wonder if he could play power forward on the basketball team.

Leon Jones, LB:  A highly touted linebacker from Madison, Alabama that is apparently impressing as a true freshman.

Luke Smith, TE:  This recently added transfer from Fort Myers, Florida is turning heads.

Hamish Macinnes, P:  To paraphrase Pulp Fiction, what's a brother going to do, he's Australian.  Washaun Ealey's interview of Macinnes is priceless. Best exchange: Ealey: Who is your favorite player on the Gamecocks? Macinnes: Not you.

Jordan Jackson, DL:  If memory serves, he was listed as a tight end last year.  A very athletic player from Tallahassee.

Dalton Screws,  WR:  The Wellborn product contineus to impress.


  1. Way to go Jor!!!! Keep up the hard work! Love you :0)

  2. Luke Smith, Cullman?

  3. Thanks for catching that. It has been fixed.

  4. Just apock up....Hamish MacInnes not Hunter.